The list continues…

This is a list of all the wonderful parts of pregnancy that are unexpected and delightful!  I know I spend quite a bit of time venting on my blogs but pregnancy is not all bad.

  • I transitioned from sucking in while taking pictures to trying to get my belly to look as big as possible.  It is refreshing.
  • Maternity pants are freaking awesome!  No more muffin tops – can I get an “Amen”?!  I went full panel right out the gate and never looked back.
  • People treat me like I am suddenly crippled and incapable of even the most basic tasks.  On some days, this sends me into a hormone frenzy of anger.  On other days, I am so grateful that someone else is taking out the trash and that people are just generally more considerate of me.  I try not to milk my pregnancy status, but I am not afraid to throw that card on the table.
  • It is odd and wonderful to see my parents turn into grandparents.  They are starting to get a little softer and mushier than I remember them being as parents.  Their excitement is contagious.
  • I get presents.  Who doesn’t love presents, especially teenie tiny presents?
  • People judge me slightly less when I burp in public.
  • You establish new relationships with the women in your life.  I have loved reaching out to my momma friends with the “Is this normal?!” text.  My gal pals that don’t have children let me complain freely and share their shock and horror with me when I discover some new disgusting fact.  It is all a jumble of love and support…which is always nice.
  • Feeling my baby get stronger is such a surreal experience.  I’m not sure there is anything that could prepare me for this feeling.  And the first time you feel them having the hiccups is actually really sweet.
  • If the bottom of my belly hangs out of my sweatshirt, no one dares say anything to me about it.
  • I can eat anything and it seems perfectly normal.  Trash tacos (my code name for Taco Bell) with a side of pickles, fritos and sausage dip, some grapes, and washed down with a La Croix doesn’t even cause my husband to blink an eye.  While my physician would likely be appalled, she doesn’t need to know every detail of my pregnancy.
  • Saying “I’m tired” gets me out of way more now than it ever has before.
  • While the dogs don’t seem to recognize that I am pregnant, they do recognize when my patience is GONE and they are on the verge of being outside dogs (even though we all know that I don’t have the heart to have outside dogs).  Must be my tone of voice or the fact that I am physically larger and perhaps more intimidating.  Either way, they listen a little better these days.
  • My Uncle Butch (yep, you read that right) told me that I looked beautiful at Thanksgiving, and I could tell how genuine he was.  He told me at least twice that “pregnancy suites you.”  Bless him and everyone else that knows the value of a sincere compliment.
  • Cankles – while still unattractive – are allowed.  Similar to the sweatshirt rule, if I wear flip flops in the middle of winter there are few brave souls that will question me.
  • If you lie on the floor in the middle of your office during the work day, your coworkers will most certainly stare at you (I imagine it is slightly off putting to see) BUT they will also help you up if you ask.  Why the heck would you lie on the floor, you ask!?  Because you will be uncomfortable and desperate for anything that offers temporary relief.
  • Shaving becomes optional.  There are parts of my body that I cannot see anymore, and I would prefer not having to go to the ER for razor related emergencies.  Thank goodness I will be my most pregnant during winter.  Crossing my fingers for a mild March this year!

What are some pregnancy perks that surprised you?!?!

Image by Sharon Elizabeth Photography – taken on my wedding day.

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