Ultrasound Update

This past Friday we had our follow-up ultrasound for Baby Jefferson.  This appointment was recommended by my OB/GYN after our 20 week ultrasound revealed that one of baby boy’s ventricles in his brain was measuring slightly larger than the normal range.  (His is measuring 10.07 mm and anything greater than 10 mm is considered enlarged.)

Here is a rundown from what we learned at this appointment:

  • First things first, that precious little face makes me so happy.  I have looked at it a million times.
  • One of his ventricles in his brain is still measuring just outside the normal range.  That being said, it has NOT increased in size.  This is a good thing!  His “normal” could be 10.07 mm and all of this fuss is just to say that baby boy has a kinda big head.
  • Because the ventricle is still measuring large, they want me to return in a month to monitor it.  If it remains the same or has decreased in size, we can rest a little easier.  If the ventricle measures larger than 10.07 mm, we may need to schedule a fetal MRI to get a better look at what is going on.
  • Why does it matter if the ventricle is large?  From what I can understand, an enlarged ventricle can indicate that there is a disruption in the normal way fluid moves throughout our brain.  If the fluid isn’t able to flow properly, it can build up in the ventricle causing pressure on the brain.  That being said, this outcome is rare.  Most babies with this mild abnormality will be born perfectly healthy.
  • The rest of the scan looked great, and he is on track with his growth and weight.  He is also a very active baby (he makes the ultrasound technicians work for their paycheck) and is full of movement and kicks.
  • Next ultrasound will be January 11 with my regular four-week check ups sprinkled all around.  I have about four more weeks before I start seeing my OB/GYN every two weeks instead of four.

And that is what we know for now.  Nothing is definitely wrong.  We are operating under the “better to be safe than sorry” mantra.

Now for the real talk.  How am I feeling about all of this…?  I am doing fine for now.  I wish everything was 100% ok and that we didn’t have anything to worry about.  But maybe that isn’t a real place…the place where there is nothing to worry about.  In any case, this entire pregnancy has been such a lesson for me in letting go of the things that I cannot control and finding joy amidst the uncertainty.  I am choosing to cherish the baby punches and am looking forward to the first time Bradley can feel them (I’m placing my bets on Christmas Day, because I am a total sap).  I am going to enjoy the holidays with our family.  I will continue to try to share the couch with two labs and 37 pillows when we settle down for evening cuddles.  And when I need to cry because I’m feeling scared, I’ll cry.  I’m the kind of gal that can power through just fine and then suddenly finds herself crying over a bowl of Raisin Bran Crunch at 5:30 in the morning.  So when I feel the need to cry, I’ll do it.  I’ll talk about the feelings when I need to.  I’ll cuddle when I need to.  And I’ll keep resting my hand on my belly as reassurance that he is here.

Thank you to everyone that has shown us love and support.  It is the best and only thing anyone can really do for us right now.  We appreciate it.

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