New Year

In true Lowe Class style, we ended 2018 with a little craziness and started 2019 with a little more…that is supposed to be a sign of things to come, right?

Bradley left work a little early on New Year’s Eve and got home to start our usual routine with the girls.  He let them run around outside before everyone came inside for some quick cuddles.  He was on the couch with Rose while Reece was on the floor mauling one of the 79 toys that are on the floor.  At one point she tried to stand up to come to him on the couch, and she wasn’t acting normal.  Her back legs were splayed out and shaking, her front legs were crossed in front of each other like she couldn’t control them, and she was swaying like she was dizzy.  She eventually collapsed on the floor before Bradley scooped her up and ran her to our vet.  (This is where a small town life is wonderful – our vet is literally five minutes down the road.)  They diagnosed her as having a seizure, and they held her while she came out of it.  It took her about 10-15 minutes afterward before she was walking and tail wagging like normal.  Bradley had to witness and handle this by himself while I was driving home…and I hate that.  This is the second time he has had to take our Reece to the vet by himself when something wasn’t right (the first was when she couldn’t deliver her final puppy and needed a C section).  The fact that he took a nap the second we got home is proof of how exhausting an experience this was.  By the time I got to the vet – about an hour after everything started – she was her normal self.  They did some blood work and ruled out any tick borne illnesses.  Ultimately, we are to watch her, write down anytime we see her acting strange or different, and if she has another seizure, we hold her through it and bring her in if she doesn’t “come out of it” like this time.  Quite the end to 2018.

The rest of our 2018 was spent napping before we went to a friend’s house for pizza and Ryan Seacrest.  I drank some non-alcoholic “Rose” (whatever the heck that means) before we called it quits and made it to our bed by 11:00.  If you know me, you know that I have zero interest in staying up late.  I love going to bed early, waking up at a decent time, and being well rested.  Not even an international holiday can alter that about me.

In the fresh minutes of 2019 – around 12:30 am – I woke up feeling weird.  I felt nauseous and was having some abdominal discomfort.  When your abdomen is significantly larger than normal and your guts are crowded and shifted around, it can be hard to pinpoint where discomfort is coming from.  I feel like I consist of two organs right now – my foggy brain and a uterus.  That’s it.  Long story short, I ended up throwing up and was offered brief and mild relief as a reward.  That reward was slightly dampened by the fact that I was retching so hard I would end up peeing on myself.  Yep.  A grown, sober woman was throwing up and peeing on herself at the same time.  It wasn’t a ton of pee but just enough to add insult to injury.  Pregnancy is really glamorous, y’all.

I would wake up twice more that night running to the bathroom before I would eventually grab about two hours of sleep.  I spent my first full day of 2019 laying on the couch, eating just enough food to keep me conscious (I have severe trust issues with food after being sick), and trying to hydrate.  Bradley cooked an amazing dinner for us, and I was actually feeling a little hungry by the time we sat at the table.  I was able to get decent sleep and can now give the second day of 2019 a fairer shot.

The positive thing that came out of all that couch sitting is that I had lots of time to think about the past year and the upcoming year.  Of course, baby is on the brain when it comes to 2019.  I asked Bradley if he had any resolutions and he said “Nope.  I just want to make sure that I get you, Milt (what he calls the baby), and all three girls to April.  Once April comes, I’m not sure what will happen.”  Perfectly said.  Right now, our focus is on getting ready for baby – whether that is going to more ultrasounds, working on the nursery, or preparing ourselves emotionally for this change that is about to happen.  There are times when my final trimester feels like it will last an eternity.  But then I think back to the end of July when I first found out I was pregnant – that feels like a decade ago.  At 26 weeks, baby is weighing almost 2 pounds and measuring about as long as a ruler.  I can feel him move several times throughout the day and have gotten better about anticipating when he is sleeping and when he is performing jujitsu in my belly.  This baby started as double pink lines.  And now that baby has a name and cute onesies and adorable baby books.

The one word that came to my mind over and over again was “Family.”  That is my word of the year.  I want to spend my energy focusing on my family – the family that Bradley and I are building within our home, the family that we have in other states, and the friends that we consider family.  I think this will ultimately lead to other goals:  how can I be healthy and balanced for my family, how can we set ourselves up financially for our family, and what are our long term goals for our family?  But if it doesn’t contribute to my families in a positive way, then I am giving myself permission to NOT do it.  I’m starting by limiting my time on social media for the month of January to see what happens.  I don’t get much time Monday – Friday with my family, and I want to better utilize the limited time that I do have with them.  I will still post blog updates to FaceBook but likely won’t do much else on that platform.  And Instagram has been deleted from my cellphone for now.  Should be an interesting little experiment.

Anyone else make resolutions / pick a word of the year / do none of it?!

Photography by Sharon Elizabeth Photography – taken by Associate Ashley.

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