There is no overall theme to this blog.  It may be better to refer to it as a dairy, because I write what I live.  If you are looking for recipes, you will find few here.  If you want motivational posts about channeling your inner crafty goddess, you will be disappointed.  Rather, these writings are simply a snapshot into the life of a thirty-something-ish woman.  I hope that people find my blog something they can relate to – an honest representation of the joys and burdens of living.  And sometimes I’m funny/witty/clever.  So, if nothing else, maybe it will bring a laugh or two to you.

Most of my blogs will contain a few key characters: 1) myself – a woman that finds the kitchen naturally displeasing, loves annoying her child by taking too many pictures, and has a genuine love for front porches on a summer evening; 2) Bradley Lowe – a dashing man from Georgia that stole my heart and made me his wife, a woodworker who can build just about anything, and one of the hardest working people you will ever meet; 3) Honey – my nine-pound mutt that demands constant cuddles, doesn’t really like being outdoors, and is both the sweetest and most ornery animal I have ever met; 4) Reece – Bradley’s beautiful black lab with a heart of gold and a fascination with eating twigs; 5) Rose – an animal incapable of walking in a straight line and who turns into the most awkward weirdo whenever she tries to cuddle with you; and 6) Jefferson – our firstborn son who has stolen our hearts and provides much of the inspiration for my thoughts and writings.   We are a lovely and a motley group.

Image taken by Emily of Sharon Elizabeth Photography