Renovations: Round Two


Yep, that’s a dog covered in sawdust who would sneak into the house just a few minutes later.

Bradley and I took a much needed break from home renovations after the “Lowe” Country Boil.  We were able to spend some of our weekends simply relaxing, going out on the river, or hanging out with friends.  I think I needed some separation from the house to appreciate it.  A house can feel more like a chore than a home, especially when all you do in the house is work.  The pause in renovations gave us a chance to build some memories in our new home that didn’t involve painting or construction.  To anyone that is currently in the process of putting some love into their home:  don’t forget to take time to build some happy memories along the way.  Stop the work early one afternoon to enjoy some cold beers in the backyard.  Goof off in Lowe’s when no one is looking – or even if they are.  Leave the house occasionally and enjoy yourself.  The work isn’t going anywhere.  It will be there when you are ready for it.  Don’t let the stress get to you – life is way too short for that nonsense.


We play a cut throat game of JENGA.   He is looking to see how he can best ruin my game in this picture.

Unfortunately, our break has come to an end.  Our main motivation for getting the work done before was due to the boil.  We wanted the house to be painted and presentable before we had company over.  It wasn’t done (is it ever done?) but it was enough that people could come and enjoy themselves.  Our motivation for this second round of house work is no different.  Bradley’s family is making the long haul up north to see the home and celebrate an early Thanksgiving with us.  And once my family heard that we were doing a “mock Thanksgiving” with the Lowe’s, they promptly requested a “mock Christmas.”  (And so it begins.)  Nothing like a formal dinner to get you thinking about tables!  The current table in our dining room was gifted to Bradley in his bachelor days and it looks it.  It gets the job done but it doesn’t do much for aesthetics.  Not to mention that Bradley has been using his rolling, office chair at the head of the table.  (I think he is quite disappointed that the chair won’t be staying once the table is done.)  True to his wood working ways, Bradley wanted to build the new table that will host future dinner parties.  It will be a farm style table with bench seating on one side, traditional chairs on the other, and upholstered chairs for the ends.  We are doing a dark stain for the top and white legs.  I can’t wait to see the final project!  The traditional chairs will be a project in themselves – they are the chairs that originally came with the table, and Bradley likes to joke that they came over on the Mayflower.  It would be funny if it didn’t mean I would be reupholstering 2-3 chairs (all depends on my patience).


This is what I am starting with and what I am attempting to salvage.  This will easily be one of my greatest domestic achievements if I can pull this off.

While he is busy building one table, I figured what could one more hurt?  We have two tall chairs that were originally purchased for bar seating at Bradley’s previous home.  I envision a tall table for the kitchen that serves two purposes:  more casual eating when it is just Bradley and I, and more counter space for the kitchen.  Our kitchen is a little tiny and it would nice to have extra work space when things start to feel cramped. Nothing too fancy for that table – just four legs and a top with a simple paint job.  I’m hopeful that we can finish that project before the Thanksgiving holiday, too.  You can never have too many tables!

We are still making plans to build a new bed frame for the master bedroom but that project seems to get pushed to the end of the line.  Southern hospitality dictates that your guests be comfortable even at the expense of your own comfort.

Getting all of the materials for the new dining room table at Lowe’s (our second home).  We had the poor Lowe’s employee running all over that store so that we could make sure that the table legs and the bench legs matched.  If you ever come visit, please be sure to complement Bradley on that attention to detail.  And maybe give a Lowe’s employee a hug next time you see them.

We also have some smaller projects that are still lingering.

  1. My dad once stole a bunch of old movie posters from a theater that burned down when he was young. I am in possession of five awesome movie posters – all Western themed – that need a frame before we put them up in our “bonus” room.  (Just for reference, the “bonus” room is really to be used for a formal sitting area but we aren’t that formal.)
  2. I’m also working on a DIY project for some wall art that will represent our previous homes while also recognizing our new home. I will be sure to take pictures once I actually finish it.  Which would require me to start it…
  3. The living room still needs a coffee table.
  4. My mother gifted me a quilt that my great-great-grandmother made, and I am dying to display it in the house.
  5. There are a few other wall pieces that need to go up and some other random furniture pieces (mainly chairs) that need to be purchased.
  6. We also need to replace the front door and shutters. I was baptized in a Lutheran church so it seems only fitting that I crave a red front door.  I’m hopeful we will have one before the weather turns cold.
  7. At some point we will tackle yard work. We are considering cutting down a few trees so we likely won’t invest any major time or money into the yard until the trees come down.

Sometimes the list seems long.  I have to remind myself that it was much longer at one time.


Hard at work in the shop, sometimes referred to as “the barn.”  I may have rolled my eyes when I first saw this space, but it has been incredibly convenient to have a large space for Bradley to work in as I give him an endless list of things to create.


There is none.  Gotcha.  We have had loose conversations about the big day, but they were mostly over wine and whiskey.  Nothing worth writing down at this point.


It was brought to my attention that my last post left out a crucial wedding question.  Sara Beth Transue – a woman that I cannot describe in words ( because she would do the opposite of what I wrote just to prove a point) – has requested that I add another question to the list on behalf of her inquiring son.

Can the Transue family still call you “Biggy Wiggy” once you are married?

Darn right you can.  Since you will anyway.  Love you, Transues!  I have enjoyed seeing that your shenanigans have continued since joining mountain life.

The next post or two will (hopefully) have pictures of tables and other goodies!!!

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