Guess who is getting hitched?!


Most of you on social media have heard/read/seen the news, but it never hurts to repeat a good thing.


Bradley asked me to marry him on Friday, August 26.  We shared the news with our parents that day but chose to keep it private for the night.  I was fortunate enough to be going back to North Carolina that Saturday to celebrate Bonnie’s upcoming marriage with my closest gal pals.  Since I was already planning to see them in person, I decided to surprise them with the real thing rather than a text.  That gave Bradley and me one night to enjoy the news all to ourselves.  I’m grateful for that time to celebrate together because since sharing the news we have been flooded with (well intentioned) questions!  People are hungry for details!  I take the questions as a sign that people are excited for us.  I’m also honest with myself and realize that it won’t take long for me to get frustrated.  So here is a summary of answers to the questions we have heard most often.


I sure am crazy about this hunk.

How did he do it?

The proposal was simple and private, just as I had requested.  (I don’t enjoy taking pictures nor do I enjoy having lots of people stare at me.  A public proposal was out of the question for me.)  It was done in the privacy of our home with only two sets of doggie eyes looking on.  Bradley’s love for me has always been simple, sweet, and to the point.  He may never be the kind of man that plans a candlelit dinner in the backyard with a mariachi band. (Admit it.  You’ve always wanted a mariachi band in your backyard.)  But he is the kind of man that helps me when I’m busy without my having to ask.  And he is the kind of man to leave me sweet notes as a reminder of his support.  He is not a flashy man, but he is a good man.  True to his nature, so was the proposal.  The only important thing to note is that he asked, and I said yes.


So many thoughts but two prevail:  he did a stunning job and I need to start wearing more sunscreen.  My hands look like a cheap leather purse.


Have you picked a date?

Nope.  Nope.  More nope.  The rest of 2016 is jam packed for Bradley and me.  We have two weddings to attend, holidays that are now multiplied by two, a few football games here and there, an overnight trip to Richmond for beer and relaxation, and some remaining home projects.  I want to enjoy the engagement for the rest of the year before the planning takes over my life.  I imagine that Bradley and I will have broad conversations about what we want but don’t expect any serious planning to begin until the new year.  It’s much easier to say when the wedding will not be held:  I don’t like to sweat so I doubt we will have a summer wedding, the first weekend of September is dedicated to the opening of dove season, the rest of September and October are heavy football months, and March is out of the question since I will need constant access to television and basketball brackets.

Where will you get married?

This part is easy.  I am so incredibly fortunate to have a great-grandmother still living.  My Granny is the matriarch of my mother’s family and the staple that continues to bring us together.  I know I would regret not having her be part of my wedding so we will likely have the wedding in Newberry, South Carolina since traveling is not an option for her at this time.  There will be four generations of women at my wedding.  The mere thought makes my heart swell.

Will you have a large wedding or a small one?

The proposal is a sign of what to expect from our wedding.  Small, simple, and intimate.  I envision a wedding ceremony in Newberry that includes our closest friends and family.  We will then have a big ole throw down a few weeks later to celebrate with everyone else.  If you don’t get invited to the wedding, consider yourself part of the majority and do not take it personally.  I want a small wedding, because it is important to me that the purpose of the ceremony not be forgotten.  The ceremony symbolizes the eternal commitment that Bradley and I are making.  We are making a promise to weather the good and the bad times together.  This is a promise that so many people are not able to keep.  I want the people that will hold us accountable and provide us with guidance during those difficult times to be the people that witness our vows.  This is extremely important to me.  Having a small wedding while require us to make difficult decisions about the guest list; please know that we can love you and still not invite you.

Who is your maid of honor?

Not a clue.  Might not have a bridal party at all.  If I don’t, that is just one less thing I have to worry about when planning.  The idea is incredibly tempting.

What are your colors?

This makes me giggle.  I will wear white.  That’s as far as I have gotten.

Are you excited?

You have no idea.  I have known for quite some time that Bradley is the one that I would spend the rest of my life with.  (I think everyone else figured it out once I moved to Virginia.)  To know it is one thing, to live it is another.  I might not have the kind of wedding that most people have, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have the kind of love worth recognizing.  Am I excited?  Darn right.

Thank you to everyone that showed us signs of love and support this past week.  I am a sucker for thoughtful words.  I have treasured every text, post, phone call, card, and hug.  You guys are the best.

2 thoughts on “Guess who is getting hitched?!

  1. You are doing everything the right way. I am happy you know what you want and don’t want and you should keep it that way. The ceremony is more important than all the rest. 36 years later I still remember the part of our vows I took to heart, and they continue to be true today. I wish for you both a lifetime of happiness and my best advice is don’t sweat the small stuff…it’s all small stuff. Let it go and just love each other.

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    1. wigginsbritney

      “Let it go and just love each other.” Probably the sweetest thing anyone has said to me so far. Thank you for reaffirming my wishes and for the thoughtful words. You’re the best.


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