Coming up with unique titles is harder than it looks…

The table is coming along nicely!  Bradley was out of town for most of last week but has made great progress in just a few days.  He was able to join the table legs to the frame by using dovetail joints – not a single nail was used!  He used the same type of joint to connect the bench legs and frame.  I was quite impressed -as I usually am – with the skill and patience required to create this.  (It should be known that I have indirectly contributed to this skill by sending him to Roy Underhill’s wood working school this past May.  I’ll give you three guesses on one of the topics they covered in that course…).  The legs have received a fresh coat of primer and are now waiting for me to finish up with a coat or two of paint.  Bradley has created the top of the table and is working on planing it (making the top of the table a flat and smooth surface) and getting it stained.  Once the two parts are completed, we will assemble and move it into the dining room.  I’m hoping I can carve out some time to work on painting this week and wrap this up within the next week or two.


Table/bench frames and dovetail joints!

The work on the dining room chairs is also still in progress.  I was able to remove approximately 234,572,929,837,432,497 staples from the dining room chairs as I work toward permanently removing the faux leather upholstery from our dining room.  The wooden frames will need to be primed and painted before the new fabric (which has yet to be chosen) transforms old chairs into new conversation starters.  My confidence in my ability to successfully complete this project comes and goes.  I keep telling myself that if I can do one chair, I can do three.  And if I do all three, I can reward myself as I’m sure Martha Stewart did on many occasions after dominating a particularly daunting craft.  However, if I never mention the chairs again, please take pity on my failure and don’t mention them either.

Staples (just a fraction), the front of the chair upholstery and the back.  Now you understand the urgency to introduce new fabric.

I’ve also started working on a simple idea that I’m hoping will grace the walls of our home in a few weeks.  I’ve been thinking of a way to embrace the homes that Bradley and I left behind in order to create our new home together in Virginia.  It’s slowly coming together with the help of quality tracing skills, a little paint, some wood, and a love for states that helped to shape us and continue to call to us.  Below are pictures of the process for creating the first of three pieces.  My recommendation for painting DIY art for your home – buy quality paint brushes.  It is only a few extra dollars and makes such a difference when you are trying to achieve smooth lines.

Nothing too complicated about this one:  I got some wood, I lightly stained it using “pickled oak,”printed out a font and state outline, got to tracing, and then got to painting.  Still have two pieces left to work on but hoping to have it done before the Lowe’s come to visit in November!

Wedding Update

Still haven’t made any concrete progress on wedding planning.  We continue to talk about it broadly but the urge to formally plan has yet to hit me.

We did, however, get to attend the wedding of our friends, Dylan and Crystal, this weekend.  It was a beautiful ceremony that truly spoke to their relationship.  It was honest, heartfelt, and comedic at times.  The reception was held at the Rock Quarry farm in Chapel Hill.  This is the second time I have attended wedding festivities at this venue, and I am slightly obsessed with it.  If we were in the market for a larger wedding in Chapel Hill, I would highly consider it.  Overall, I was thrilled to be able to witness such a special celebration and tribute to their relationship.  I cannot wait to see the adventures that are waiting for them!

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