So…some things happened

Life has been a whirlwind.  Although, to be honest, life is always a series of mini adventures all strung together amidst the mundane responsibilities of daily living.  That is the wonderful thing about living.  The excitement and chaos is offset by reminders to enjoy the simple things.  Here is a snap shoot of life the past four weeks.

Food and Friends

boilThe tall and lanky Mr. Walker attempting his first crawfish.

We had a “Lowe” Country Boil!  (Bradley was very pleased with himself at coming up with the name for this event.)  Some of my North Carolina pals were able to make the drive and many of Bradley’s co-workers also came.  We had children playing on the swing set in the backyard, the boil going in the pot and chicken in the smoker, and plenty of cold beverages and warm whiskey for everyone.  While the house isn’t done yet, it has never felt more like a home than when we crammed it full of people that we care about.  I continue to be amazed at the wonderful people we have in our lives.

Dog in Heat

heatDon’t let the picture fool you – she can be a terror.

Reece went into heat.  That doesn’t seem like something most people would write about.  And if you have never lived with a dog in heat then you cannot possible understand the way it temporarily changes your life.  She was a ball of energy and hormones.  I may have cried a few times throughout those long and miserable fourteen days.  We survived it but barely.  With that being said, we will be breeding her this winter if anyone is interested in a spring time puppy!  Best way to beat the heat (get it?!) is to breed her and then fix her.  Prepare yourselves for adorable puppy pictures this spring.

Bachelorette Bash in Sunny Savannah

Just a few snapshots from our celebrations in Savannah!

Bonnie’s sister, Kate, and I successfully pulled off her bachelorette bash in Savannah, Georgia!  Despite the occasional hiccup – like when the property manager said we might not be able to use the air conditioner…in Georgia…in August – the weekend was filled with sweaty women, delicious food and beverages, a piano bar filled with approximately 70 other bachelorette parties, and enough laughter to last a lifetime.  I have known most of those women since high school.  Most of the group is married or working on it.  It won’t be long until we trade wedding parties for baby showers.  I can’t wait to see the ways in which all of our lives continue to grow and improve.

No Neck Panda!

The tiny embroidered panda is just a few stitches (and stuffing) shy of being completed!  After this project, I believe I will get started on the Bobble Sheep Pillow that I bought yarn for months ago.  I imagine I will also be busy knitting a tiny baby blanket in the near future.  Ask any knitter – the idea of a precious infant wrapped in soft yarn is enough to make your heart burst.  My hands will be very busy the upcoming months!

The rest of 2016 is going to fly by.  Let me count the ways we will be preoccupied:

  1. Bonnie’s bridal shower in two weekends
  2. The annual Lowe family dove shoot in Georgia
  3. Dylan gets married!
  4. UNC football game with the lovely Cherie
  5. Bonnie gets married!
  6. Bradley and I are going to attempt an overnight trip to Richmond
  7. My birthday celebration in the wonderful town of Chapel Hill
  8. Thanksgiving in Newberry
  9. Christmas in Georgia

And just like that, the year is done.

But what a year it has been.

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