Simplicity Challenge: Week Four!

I love this image – it has nothing to do with cleaning out your cluttered house BUT it is a sweet reminder that it’s okay to be insanely happy…especially if its past your bedtime and someone just gave you a bowl of popcorn.  

This week felt like the least time consuming week.  Maybe it’s because of the free day or because a few these tips didn’t require you to move much.  Either way, I enjoyed an excuse to feel productive without maximum effort.  

Day 15:  Do nothing.

Yes ma’am.  I sat on the couch and enjoyed my morning coffee in my fuzzy robe with the dogs.  No photo editing.  No netflix.  Just sweet, sweet cuddles.

Day 16:  Clean out the medicine cabinet.

Basically, everything was expired, and we have way too much Nexium.  After I cleaned it out, I made a list of some things we should have a healthy stock of – aspirin, band-aids, sunscreen, etc.  (I also realized that we need to own a fire extinguisher.  This thought was completely unrelated to the medicine cabinet but still valid.)

Day 17:  Quit something.

I had already tackled this beast while reading Lara Casey’s book, Cultivate.  I quit the Junior League a few months ago and, despite the almost crippling guilt I had afterward, it has been one of my best decisions.  I thought I could create happiness by assigning more of my time to other obligations.  Yeah…no.  The objectives of the league were not things that I am trying to cultivate in my life right now.  I couldn’t fully enjoy the group, because my heart was elsewhere.  So, I politely said “Thanks but not thanks” and only allowed myself to feel guilty for a short time.

Day 18:  Write out three simple dinners you can make with ingredients you already have.

I don’t like to cook.  If you love me, you already know this.  So, I keep cereal, sandwich goodies, and at least one frozen dinner stocked in our kitchen for lazy dinner days.  It isn’t rocking the nutritional charts or winning culinary awards, but it keeps us alive.  Some days, that is my greatest accomplishment – staying alive.

Day 19:  Detox social media.

A friend of mine once recommended unfriending people on your Facebook on their birthdays.  It sounds cold BUT when that random name pops up on your feed with the birthday alert, ask yourself if you even know that person.  Maybe you know them and you don’t like them.  (That’s okay.  Can’t like everybody, and you definitely don’t have to look at their mess on Facebook.)  I usually do a big purge once a year, but I also keep the birthday rule in play.  I have NEVER received a message from someone I unfriended because they were hurt or upset.  Want to know why?  They probably didn’t notice.  Because we aren’t really friends.  And I’m not the center of their universe.  You can also click on ads and ask not to receive those on your feed, too.  Clean out your Instagram while you are at it, too.  Instagram tends to be less negatively charged for me but it still feels good to clean it out a bit.

Day 20:  Clean out/off your desk.

Did this at work.  I tossed so many random scraps of paper.  I scanned things that needed to be kept and tossed the originals if possible.  I filed what needed to be filed.  I threw away the random bag of dried cranberries in my desk drawer, because I genuinely don’t know where they came from.  I donated a mug to the community kitchen because I don’t need to two coffee mugs in my office.  This ain’t a cafe.  I put in an environmental service request to have my office vacuumed and called it a day!

Day 21:  Clear the clutter on your computer.

I’m usually pretty good about this.  I thrive on an almost empty desktop screen.  I am starting to accumulate a large amount of raw and jpeg pictures on my computer though.  I’m still trying to sort out a way to store them all without overcrowding my computer.  Some of the images can be trashed since most of my photography now is for my pleasure.  But as I take images for other people, I want to have a way to store all of the raw images in a safe and efficient way.  Open to suggestions!  For now I am deleting the truly awful raw images, keeping a raw and an edited jpeg of the ones I like, and categorizing them by day and month on my computer.  Still feels organized and keeps icons off of my desktop!


Below is Week Four (plus two extra days!)


Day 22 of 30: Take inventory of all the items you allow to come into your mailbox. Visit: or

Day 23 of 30: Write your morning checklist and tape it to your fridge. Write your evening checklist and tape it to your bathroom mirror.

Day 24 of 30: Schedule a getaway for sometime in 2018. a vacation or stay-cation: put the dates in your planner.

Day 25 of 30: Make a list of 10 easy, go-to meals. Tape it to the fridge for simple meal planning.

Day 26 of 30: Create your own Sunday prep-list. What makes you feel prepared for the week ahead?

Day 27 of 30: Write down ONE goal for this year. Just one. Tape it somewhere important so you see it every day.

Day 28 of 30: Organize your inbox. Use Try my Flag or Trash method for Inbox 0 everyday: red flag emails that need attention later. Delete everything else. Inbox 0. Done.

Day 29 of 30: Stock up on the household items you use all the time. Pay attention to BOGO sales. Make a list of these.

Day 30 of 30: Rest. Schedule 30 minutes alone once a week for the next four weeks for time to fill your well. You give away what you put in. Take care of yourself. You are worthy.

Just one more week to go!!  Noticing any positive changes in your routine yet?!

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