Almost NINE months?!

Three quarters.  We are three quarters of the way through the first year of his life.  These past eight months feel like a swirly tornado of pinch-me-cheeks and all the feel good.  Here is a recap of what life has been like.

  • We have so many teeth!  There are now three teeth on the bottom, three up top, and one more that looks eager to make an appearance.
  • Despite all of those teeth, he has recently decided that he is not interested in food other than formula.  Spoons are met with pursed lips and any food that makes its way in is often followed by red-faced gagging.  I am following his lead on this one.  He recently chewed on an orange slice and took the tiniest bite out of a banana.  Otherwise, his strike against food remains steadfast.
  • He is stingy with his giggles!!!  He will give you the biggest grins but rarely any giggles.  When you tickle him, his whole face turns red and he holds his breath but he JUST WON’T GIGGLE!  Every now and then he will let them loose, and we do that funny thing on repeat until the giggles run out.
  • He continues to be such a light-hearted and happy baby.  He very rarely cries and is often content to explore his toys or surroundings.
  • His eyes are always wide open.  He doesn’t want to miss anything, and it reminds me to do the same.
  • He can hold his bottle by himself and does a decent job of tipping it up to finish it.  As soon as he sees his bottle, he sticks his arms out and starts making a fake fussy sound.  The second you hand it to him, he will often give a little coo before shoving it into his mouth.
  • We are getting pretty good at traveling with him!  I created a standard packing list that helps me stay organized, and we have figured out the prime time to travel with him so that he sleeps most of the way.  He is also a rock star sleeper and transitions to sleeping in the pack-n-play pretty well!  Knowing that our baby will be rested no matter where we go makes traveling a ton easier.
  • He is developing a relationship with Reece and it warms my heart.  He reaches for her and smiles when she licks his entire face.  She adores him and would lick him nonstop if we didn’t stop her.  She has always been Bradley’s dog, but she may be getting a new favorite.  Honey, on the other hand, runs away every time he looks at her.
  • Rose returned home, and she fell right back into place.  It was as if she had not been gone since May.  She continues to be delicate with Jefferson.  She gives him the tiniest little licks and is always aware of where he is.  While the dog hair seems to be multiplying on the floor, our little boy will surely know the love of a dog.
  • Everything felt different this Christmas.  Every experience felt exponentially greater.  The $40 fake tree in our living room felt grand enough for the Biltmore.  Wrapping paper was both decorative and entertaining.  Spending time with family was sweeter.  Magic has never felt more real to me.
  • He will turn the pages of the books we read at night, and it makes me a little sad.  It is such a minimal step toward independence but it feels monumental to me.
  • He is not crawling yet BUT he can spin on his belly pretty good!  He is rocking and wiggling and really trying to get some forward motion.  I’m not sure if I’m ready for crawling yet…the house feels too sharp and pointy for curious babies.
  • We got a jumper that goes in the doorway and seeing him bounce and fly in that thing cracks me up.  Even the occasional head bang into the doorway can’t ruin the fun.
  • We have a routine that naturally developed but works for us.  It is our new normal.  It surprises me how quickly your normal can change and how difficult it is to remember what our routines were before Jefferson.
  • I am constantly reminded that everyone parents differently and that we are all just trying to do the best we can.  Truthfully, we are all doing just fine.  Some of our kids sleep in their cribs.  Some don’t.  Some are breastfed and some aren’t.  Some are crawling and some skip that step all together.  Some kids are gobbling food by the fists full and some are disinterested.  And they are all just fine.
  • I can do a million things wrong in a day.  Seeing this happy boy melts all of that self-criticism away.  I am doing motherhood right…that much I know.

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