(Almost) Four Month Update

I have a freaking four month old.  He (and his parents) has already survived a third of his first year on earth.  Here are some things that have happened along the way.

  • I started back work.  Even though I was getting a little cabin fever and missing adult conversations during the day, there were plenty of moments during my maternity leave that were amazing.  He is starting to react to us more and we get genuine you-guys-are-great smiles.  I am stingy with those precious moments and want all of them for myself.  Having to share that with someone else is hard.
  • On the flip side, I am very grateful that I am not changing 50 diapers a day or fighting naps five times a week.
  • Sometimes I feel down that we don’t have family that live close by.  I love watching our families with Jefferson and when I get a text of “Really miss the baby” I feel such a twinge in my heart.

JFourMonth (20 of 22).jpg

  • He is such a fan of sitting up!  He is much less of a bobble head now and wants to be sitting up like the rest of the humans!  He loves looking out at the world and isn’t as huge a fan of laying on my chest anymore.  We were sitting on the front porch yesterday evening during a summer rain, and he was sitting in my lap.  I could watch those big eyes soaking in the rain everyday for the rest of my life.
  • Tummy time is like playing the lottery – sometimes we lose big and rarely we might win five bucks.  He seems to like it more as his arms get stronger and he can hold his chest up.
  • He has found his fingers.  They are delicious and the perfect post-bottle snack.
  • For all my complaints about how he doesn’t love a daytime nap, this fella is ROCKING the night time sleep!  We start his bedtime routine around 6:30/7:00 and he is usually asleep by 7:30/8:00.  We put him in his nightie, give him a bottle, give him cuddles, and then put him in his crib.  He will usually swing his arms and legs around for a bit, babble in the dark, snack on those tasty fingers, and then MAGICALLY AND WONDERFULLY PUTS HIMSELF TO SLEEP WITHOUT FUSSING.  He typically sleeps until 5:30 am and then goes back to sleep until Daddy takes him to daycare.  Bradley and I are getting great sleep at night, we have time during the evening to do chores and hang out, and our baby boy is happy as a clam when he wakes up.
  • He loves to face you and “talk” – sweet little screeches and coos.  When he starts to get excited you can see a little giggle building up.  He hasn’t figured out how to release it so it just builds up energy until it finally bursts out in a loud squeal.

JFourMonthBW (3 of 5).jpg

  • Chilling in the kiddie pool is one of my favorite activities.  Not sure if Jefferson likes it, but Mommy is have a blast.
  • I started using Chat Books and I am hooked!  It is an app for your phone that connects to your photo album.  For every new 60 pictures (which you get to approve and edit first), the company sends you a tiny picture album in the mail!  It is $10 for soft cover and $15 for hard.  I love that the albums are dated on the spine based on when the images were taken.  If I don’t have 100 tiny albums by the end of the year, it will be a miracle.   This is a great gift idea for new parents!
  • We have been using the Tula baby carrier (thank you to Erin for gifting me hers!) with the infant insert and he loves napping in it!  He takes a small nap in it right before we start getting him ready for bed and I love that snuggle time after a long day of work.  I can also still eat or do small errands since it is hands free.  (I like the Infantino carrier is better for when we are out of the house – it has pockets on the front that are perfect for holding a few credit cards, a paci, and your phone.  It is a much cheaper alternative compared to the Tula.  Only complaint is that straps near his face are a little rough – I use some strap covers and that has worked perfectly!)
  • Getting bad news after having a child has left me with a different perspective on grief and loss.  Honestly, I am still processing how to react as a person vs how to react as a mother.  Thank goodness he won’t remember anything about this time so I have some grace to make mistakes.
  • Coming home is one of my favorite parts of the day.  I love walking into a house with a swirl of dogs at my feet and two of my favorite men waiting for me.  I only get about an hour and half with Jefferson before it is bed time.  I do NOTHING during that time except soak in his cuddles.  It is one of the few times during the day that I am fully present in the moment.
  • We have done quite a bit of traveling the past two months and are learning the limits of our littlest traveler.  Taking breaks just to let him stretch and get out of the car seat make such a difference.  I have never been one to try to make a nine hour drive without any stops, so I find this type of traveling refreshing.  My husband’s patience is strengthened by our adorable baby, but I can tell it kills him a little each time we pull over.

JFourMonth (12 of 22).jpg

  • Packing up the clothes he has already outgrown brought on such a string of memories and feelings for me.  Then I had a whole new set of feelings imagining our future child(ren) wearing these pieces.  I am stingy and giving away NOTHING.  Everything is sorted by age and gender (boy vs gender neutral – stole this idea from a friend!).  Very organized, if I do (proudly) say so.
  • The dogs have maintained their positions about Jefferson with the exception of Rose.  She is with a trainer until September, and I am interested to see what she thinks of her little human friend when she gets back.  Jefferson will be so different by then!
  • His curls are falling out.  I look at pictures of him as a newborn, and he is changing so much physically.  I hope the curls come back.  His father is betting that it will be straight and blonde.
  • Grazing your finger across his cheek causes instant smiles.
  • He loves to sing the Itsy Bitsy Spider.  YaYa discovered that trick.
  • I invested in LovEvery – a subscription service that sends you a box of toys every two months.  The toys are designed specifically for the developmental age of your child and – this is my favorite part – they send you a tiny booklet of ways you can introduce the toys to your child.  We got our first box this week and Jefferson seems to actually be enjoying them!!  I love getting information on why the toys were selected, how he is able to interact with them, and ideas for playtime because…to be honest…I am not always the most creative.  My second favorite part is that none of the toys have batteries.  Batteries are the bane of my existence.  And squirrels.  (Said every adult over 30.)
  • I have not found motherhood to be the challenge that I expected.  It is popular among parents to complain and talk about how miserable parenting can be.  I certainly fall into those categories sometimes.  But…truthfully…we are really enjoying this part of our life.  Bradley and I work so well together as parents.  We tend not to get too worked up about the things we don’t know and have taken pleasure in the small things…like our evenings on the front porch or listening to Jefferson babble.  We have been blessed with a healthy boy and a loving family.  Most days I feel like there is nothing left for me to do but enjoy this time of our lives.

JFourMonthBW (7 of 5)


People ask when we will have another.   We will definitely try for at least one more, and we probably won’t wait too long.  I am going to Mardi Gras next year and would prefer not to be pregnant for that (for obvious reasons).  Bradley and I would also like to take a vacation next year, and I would prefer not to be pregnant for that (for the same aforementioned obvious reasons).  But I could see us talking about baby #2 shortly after those activities have come and gone.  Will we stop at two kids?  I keep dreaming of three children.  I don’t know why but three is sitting on my heart.  I may feel very different once the second baby comes along but there is a part of me saying three children are part of our story.  I’m not sure if that means three pregnancies, adoption, foster care, etc.  And another child means another dog…we have a strict one to one ratio in the Lowe house.  Everyone gets a dog.  It’s basically like being at an Oprah show.

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