Third Trimester Review

Clocking in at 38 weeks (and some change) – time for another blog post before I have a baby and never blog again (despite my best intentions)!

  • The doctors are NOT ALWAYS RIGHT, even though they try really hard to be.  And sometimes they can make a mountain out of a mole hill…or in our case, out of .2 millimeters.  I spent so much time worrying because we were outside of the “normal range” only to find out that everything is fine.  I wish I had more courage to refuse the ultrasounds until closer to my due date since there was nothing that could be done about the “problem” in utero.  It certainly would have challenged my faith and my need for control, but I think it also would have given me more space to celebrate rather than worry.
  • I burp all the time.  I start first thing in the morning, about five minutes after my feet hit the ground.  In the evenings, the burps feel like fire because of my heart burn.
  • I have been having pretty consistent pelvic pain, especially when I am rolling over in bed and when I go from sitting to standing.  Doctor says this is “normal” (I am really starting to dislike this term).  It has something to do with my pelvic muscles being super relaxed.  I don’t completely understand because relaxed sounds good, but I’m grunting like a hippo every night trying to change positions.
  • No one tells you how many pairs of underwear you should purchase.  From the discharge, peeing a little when you sneeze, and the 2-3 showers I am taking a day (hot water feels goooooooooood right now), I need all the stretchy Target underwear I can get my hands on.  (In other news, Target has a line of lingerie called “Auden” and it is kinda fantastic.)
  • Treat yourself.  And then go a little overboard and treat yourself all the freaking time.  I get a mani/pedi every other week and have been getting prenatal massages weekly for the past 5 weeks.  It helps me to feel human and it for dang sure feels amazing.  If that isn’t your thing, then find your thing and budget for your thing and make that thing happen.
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to do your nursery.  Our nursery furniture wasn’t scheduled to be delivered until this past Friday.  I was 38 weeks on Saturday.  So…you see how this might have set us up for a bit of a situation.  “The baby won’t even sleep in the nursery to start with.”  That doesn’t negate the stress of having baby stuff EVERYWHERE and not knowing where anything you need is.
  • You will mock and laugh at the voodoo tricks that pregnant women try to induce labor.  Until you are the one sweating and waddling through your house at 3:00 am because sleep is a mythical luxury you haven’t experienced in weeks.  Then you will drink all the teas, eat all the spicey things, do squats and go for long walks, and whatever other methods you find during your 3:00 am Google search.
  • I am not doing cervix checks.  It is not necessarily information I think I need to know, and there is enough action going on down there without my doctor’s getting handsy.  I may change my mind if we go past my due date, but I am pretty content to refuse it for now.
  • Taking a bath feels really nice.  We have a plan in place where Bradley has to be home and has to keep his phone on him so that I can call him if I need help getting out of the tub.  I have yet to need to do this, but no point in adding injury to insult if I do.
  • I am irritable.  Like really irritable.  It is a miracle that my coworkers still talk to me and thank goodness for texts/emails where the backspace function is my greatest ally.  I know this is because I am tired.  And my hips hurts.  And my lower back hurts.  And where the heck did my ankles go?!  I’m trying to stay positive but it ain’t really working.  So if you see me…it may be best to  avoid eye contact and just throw candy at me.  Starburst jelly beans sound pretty good.
  • There was a time during my second trimester where I felt like a pregnant goddess.  I had curves, the bump was present but not intimidating, and my energy level was fantastic!  I don’t feel that way anymore.  I feel large, I have to closely evaluate parking spaces to determine if I can get out of my car, and I keep knocking things over with my belly.  All joking aside, the changes are starting to take a toll on my psyche.  I keep reminding myself that this is temporary, but I am so ready to slowly start the process of getting my body back.  Not back to how it was before…just back.  The kind of back where you can eat deli meat without getting mom shamed and you can go to happy hour for the act of enjoying a drink and not just as a DD.
  • You will end up with 29834716928347 newborn diapers.  People gift them to you because their baby wore about 20 before they outgrew them.  You look forward to continuing the tradition by passing on 29834716928327 newborn diapers of your own.
  • When you complain, people LOOOOOOVE to say “Just wait til the baby gets here!  Then, you’ll really be tired!”  Here is a truth that I hope you carry with you throughout life:  negating my pain today by convincing me that I will experience greater pain in the future IS NOT HELPFUL.  Let that simmer for a bit.  I am allowed to be miserable today.  And that misery is valid in it’s own right.  Will I be tired when the baby comes?  Sure.  Does that mean I’m not tired right now?  Nope.  So let me be grouchy and tired.

Despite the sarcasm, I am genuinely excited about meeting this little man.  I know that it will changes our lives…we were kinda hoping for that.  I know it will have its own set of obstacles and exhaustion and aches and pains.  But we love him so so so much, and we just want to start loving on him in person.

I also think the grandparents might explode if he doesn’t come soon.


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