20 week ultrasound

Good news!  It is totally a baby and not just a big-headed gummy bear as the 9 week ultrasound indicated!

And we can officially say that Baby Lowe is a boy!  Sweet Jefferson Milton Lowe gets his first name from my great-grandfather and his middle name from Bradley’s grandfather.  My dad’s middle name is Jeffery so it feels like we hit two birds with one stone with the first name.  I love the fact that he will have a strong family name…something that has always been important to me.

We went in for the ultrasound on the Wednesday right before Thanksgiving.  Bradley came with me, and we were both excited for another look at the baby.  It has been 11 weeks since I last saw the baby and, despite the increasing movement I feel in my belly, I knew I needed some visual proof that our baby was growing and developing as planned.  There is so little reassurance that things are happening as they should.  I can complain about every minute of pregnancy and roll my eyes at the Instagram women that are nothing but glowing smiles and stylish maternity ware…but seeing my baby move around is such an incredible feeling.  He was quite the mover during our scan.  So much so, that the technician swore she might get sea sick if he didn’t stop moving so much.

All of that movement was incredible to see BUT is also the reason why we have to have another ultrasound next week.  They weren’t able to get all of the pictures they wanted and some of the scans were too blurry to read properly.  He also has a big ole noggin’ (I am cringing as I write this…please please PLEASE don’t let this child have a gigantic head that I am supposed to push out) and they want to do some more in depth scans to make sure that everything is ok.  No real signs that anything is wrong but pregnancy has nothing to do with what is wrong and everything to do with what could be wrong.  There are precautions on top of precautions.  Everyone is so quick to tell you not to worry and yet the entire system seems geared toward freaking you out over every detail.  Don’t eat deli meat!  Don’t take baths!  Don’t you even think about caffeine, you freaking monster!  You are attempting to balance some feeling of sanity and enjoyment among a barrage of information telling you the 235,928,018 ways you can “mess it up.”  So…telling me not to worry is really an odd thing to say.

That being said, I am going to view this as a chance to see the baby again…one of the few parts of pregnancy that I absolutely and undeniably love.

Picture by Associate Emily of Sharon Elizabeth Photography.


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