Things they didn’t tell me

You shouldn’t read this if you believe there are some things a lady should never discuss.  Because I’m about to get to discussin’.  Some of it will leave you open-mouthed.  That is the nature of pregnancy, folks.

  • One day you just feel bloated.  The next day, none of your pants fit and you aren’t quite sure how you are going to dress yourself for work.
  • Your bras and underwear also don’t fit as well.  That’s fun.
  • There is discharge.  Yep…from there.  Totally natural but still alarming.  And just when you think you are getting a handle on it, there is more of it.
  • You feel pressure in vagina.  No other way to say it.
  • Skin tags are also normal.  You will get them in places that you never…EVER…thought you would.  You will also be bored one day and rip one off just to see what happens.  Spoiler alert:  they don’t hurt BUT they bleed like a mother.  You might think you are dying.
  • No one can prepare you for the first time you feel your baby move inside of you.  And for several weeks, you are the only person that can feel it.  It is such a special and private moment between you and your baby.
  • I have never been more aware of my tailbone in my life.  That sucker hurts.
  • If you have a crappy office chair, you will develop such a hatred for it.  You will also develop interesting ways of stretching your aching back because of said crappy chair.  Your office mates will find it amusing.
  • There will be days that you struggle with your changing body.  Going shopping for maternity clothing DOES NOT help because the ones you can afford make you look like a large, shapeless bag and the really pretty clothes are ridiculously expensive considering the short period of time you can actually wear them.  WTF??
  • Some days you can see your ankles.  Some days you are full cankle.
  • Taking a bath in warm water is so relaxing.  I alternate between lavender or  eucalyptus bubble bath and a new lemon scented bath soak.  Seeing my belly poke out over the top of the bubbles is getting to be a regular sight.  That being said…getting out of the bathtub feels like a death trap.
  • Someone will ask if you are having twins.  If you are not…it will take every ounce of energy not to throat punch them.  Seriously.  If it wasn’t acceptable to make comments about my weight before the pregnancy, now isn’t the time.
  • Your boobs get bigger.  And for my fellow small chested ladies, you think this is a dream come true.  Yeah…about that.  Your nipples have a life of their own, the veins make them look more like a road map, and – if you are me – you are never quite sure what to do with them.  There are also times they will be incredibly sore. So sore that they wake you up at night.  That being said, get at least one fancy bra that pushes them up to your chin and marvel at the short-lived wonder!
  • Hemorrhoids.  I’ve heard that they can be much more terrifying after the baby is born.  Not sure how to treat them after labor and delivery, but I keep a stash of witch hazel wipes at home and work to help provide some relief.
  • Sitting all day will cause you back pain.  Standing all day will cause you back pain.  So…yeah.  Have fun figuring out that math equation.
  • Round ligament pain basically means that you can’t stand up too quickly or twist in a funny way without lightening bolts zipping across your abdomen.
  • You Google more than you should.  You will tell yourself that you won’t be that woman.  But you will be…at least a time or two.  Let yourself be totally freaked out by the internet and then STOP IT.  AND NEVER LOOK AT THE IMAGES!!
  • Finally, no one told me that there will be times when I feel like an absolute Amazon warrior princess.  My belly bump reminds me of this incredible thing that women are capable of.  The same women that shame and doubt our bodies on an almost endless basis are also responsible for nurturing and growing new life.  There are times that I feel so incredible, so powerful, and so beautiful.  Sure, there are times when I feel completely out of control and somewhat helpless.  But there is something incredibly empowering about what my body is doing.

What is one thing they didn’t tell you about pregnancy – good or bad or gross – that surprised you?!


4 thoughts on “Things they didn’t tell me

  1. Rosalyn Cooper

    I loved every minute of pregnancy. , even swollen ankles,hemorrhoids ,and especially bigger boobs. Of course,the boobs shrunk,but the hemorrhoids had to eventually be surgically removed 😳 I still felt I had a glow about me because I would soon bring to life the two greatest gifts that I could possibly ever get Of course, later I got better gifts ,my grandchildren.

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    1. wigginsbritney

      We listen to Dave Ramsey quite a bit and he always says that if he knew how great grand kids were he would have been nicer to their parents 🙂


  2. Tasha taylor

    Omg so many things. Hemrriods can get thrombosed and if you decide to have them lanced you will wonder how labor pain could possibly be worse. Creams will make there way thru your underware and stain your clothing. Make note of thrift stores near work and bring an extra outfit. (Even after materity leave) I was so hot all the time. Had to keep my office like an ice box with a fan and dared someone to touch the thermostat. Itching….omg itching. Not only from your skin stretching in ridiculous ways but your nerve endings. Many many showers every night just for the distraction. Nothing provided releif. Bras are pure evil and more than once I took mine off at work. Driving was no longer fun. I was uncomfortable so quickly. Most days I would have to stop, get out and walk laps around my truck. I got so big that my belly hit the steering wheel ( if I backed up I couldn’t reach the pedals or the wheel). And then the seat belt. Never figured out the right place for that to go. And the comments….. If u are going to speak to a pregnant woman the ONLY thing you should say is you look amazing. ( Not omg you are huge, theres no way there is only one in there, you’re ready to pop, how are you still walking, you’ll never make it to your due date).
    Last thing: every thing was terrifing. Every pain, every test, every Dr visit, every book, all of it.

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    1. wigginsbritney

      Thank you for not telling me how “it is all worth it.” Yeah yeah yeah – I know. But for right now it sorta sucks. Just let me live in the suck for a bit. I forgot to list the itching!!! I rub my belly all the time and people say “Awwww. Is the baby moving??” Nope. Just trying not to look like a meth addict while I feverishly scratch my belly. I have also thought about the driving dilemma – especially since I drive such a small car to start with. Womp womp.


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