We’re Pregnant!

A few weekends ago we announced on social media that Bradley and I are expecting our first child in early April!  This weekend I will officially be 4 months…which is crazy for me to think about.  Theoretically, I understand how this process works.  I took enough biology that I have a basic understanding of what is physically happening to me.  But conceptually…my mind is blown.  The idea that there is a baby with a heartbeat rolling around in my belly is absolutely outside my mind’s ability to understand.  This is as close to the literal definition of faith as I have ever been.  To have complete trust that something is happening (inside of me!) without much physical evidence or proof.  A growing belly is helping it to feel more real.  It also means that I hate traditional pants.  More on that topic later.

I have been jotting down notes and writing thoughts on scrap pieces of paper since I found out I was pregnant.  It is in my nature to want to write things down.  I stopped this blog earlier this year because I wanted to focus my time and energy on other pursuits.  That was the right decision BUT things have changed quite a bit.  I have found that in the past eight weeks I keep gravitating back to the blog.  Back to this desire to document my life in a way that others can participate in.  So, that is exactly what I am doing.  I am changing the plan, starting the blog back up, and looking forward to writing about the millions  of thoughts I am having.

While I work on organizing my thoughts, I wanted to share some pictures from the day that I told my gal pals I was pregnant.  We try to plan an annual Girls’ Trip so that we can get the crew together in one spot.  We usually have to start planning MONTHS in advance, but we always make it happen.  The weekend getaways have shifted from adventure packed (zip lining and rafting down mountain rivers) to casual and calm (local winery and home cooked tacos).  This year the girls all came to Virginia so that I could be part of the fun despite having to work a wedding the same weekend.  As plans began to formalize, I suggested having a photographer come to the house to take some group pictures of everyone.  I wanted images that weren’t trapped on FaceBook or cellphones, quality pictures of the whole group.  Everyone agreed, I reached out to Sandy of Sandra Leigh Photography, and everything was set.

A month before the trip, my pregnancy test came back positive.  I made another call to Sandy, set a plan in motion, and tried to act really inconspicuous all weekend.  On Sunday morning, we got dolled up before hitting various poses, doing that awkward laugh that all photographers make you do, and smiling pretty.  During one of the group shots, I shouted “On the count of three, everyone say ‘Britney is pregnant!”  Sandy’s camera sounded like a machine gun as she started capturing tears and the way I go full no-neck when I am excited.  It was such a special moment that I get to relive constantly.  To be able to tell all of them at the same time is a huge feat for our group!  As lives get crazier, families get bigger, and people get farther apart, it is truly special to be able to share important information in person.  The pictures below are proof of that.

Thank you to Sandy for agreeing to photograph a group of women you didn’t know, in a house you had never been to, and early in the morning.  You were a champ and helped capture one of my most special memories.  This moment was the start of many texts, baby books, special letters, and lots of love for our Baby Lowe.  And the fact that you continue to text me to see how the baby and I are doing is a testament to how great of a person you are.


Don’t worry – it was sparkling apple cider.


I got confetti cannons envisioning a Pinterest worthy image filled with smiling women and beautiful confetti…yeah…not so much.  They were shockingly difficult to “fire” and impossible to get them all to go off at once.  Lesson learned.


Their faces are a mix of “What did she say?!” and “I knew something was up when she turned down wine with dinner!”


This beautiful darling is also pregnant and due in just a few weeks!  Being pregnant at the same time as a close friend is such a special experience.  And having someone to vent to about hemorrhoids, skin tags, and the not-pregnancy-glow helps keep me sane.  I am so excited to meet sweet Emma and love that Baby Lowe will have a “cousin” just a few months older!


All the feel good hugs!


Less animated but just as beautiful. 




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