My Five Acres

What would you do if you had five acres of land and enough financial security to reconsider your professional options?  

STOP AND ACTUALLY THINK ABOUT IT!  Don’t just breeze by the question…actually consider it.  What would you do with five acres and financial freedom?  

Would you finally light a fire under that hobby and turn it into a profession?  Would you build a bed and breakfast so that you can highlight your hospitality skills?  Would you create a community space for other people to use as a way to highlight the talents of your neighbors?  Would you grow every type of flower imaginable from your own greenhouse and use them to decorate the homes and celebrations of families in your town?  Heck, maybe you’ve always wanted to start your own petting zoo.  The truth is, with some land and some cash, you might feel like you can do anything you want.


This idea has been sitting on my heart for months.  Bradley and I have talked about owning property since before we said “I do.”  His heart is eager for land and cattle, a way to bring his Georgia lifestyle to Virginia.  He also wants the hard work and lessons that come from cultivating something from the earth – lessons that we could pass on to our own family.  I just want to see him sweat in the hot sun while wearing a pair of tight Wranglers.  Kidding, kidding.  (Not really.)  But back to the point – we have always talked about what Bradley will do with our future farm.  

One night in November I asked Bradley if I could have some of the land.  Here’s how the conversation went.

Me: Hey, baby.  You know how we want to have some land in the future?

Him: Yeah.

Me: Can I have some of the land?  Like for me?

Him: It’s our land.  All of it is yours.

Me: Yeah, yeah, yeah.  I know that.  But I mean can I have a few acres that I can do whatever I want with so long as we have the cash for it?

Him: So, not to farm with?

Me: Exactly.  Or maybe I will want to farm it but maybe chickens or goats or chickens AND goats.  But the point is I get to decide what I do with it.

Him: How much land do you want?

Me: I dunno.  Five acres?

Him: And what do you want to do with it?

Me: No clue.  Still trying to figure that out.

Him: Of course you can, baby doll.

Me: (Silently swooning because I melt every time he calls me “baby doll.”)  Ok.  To be clear:  I want five-ish acres and your support that I can do whatever I want with it so long as I plan and save.  Agreed?

Him: Sounds good.


And there you have it.  The start of the idea behind my five acres.  

Truthfully, this no longer has to do with an actual parcel of five acres.  I don’t necessarily have grand ideas of using that land to start my own business.  At this season of my life, I don’t have many plans at all.  My goal is to absorb and learn and take risks.  When that fails, I’m relying on faith that my vision of a different life is attainable and intentional.  When I think of my five acres, I think of financial stability that allows me to dream freely without worrying about the bills.  I think of open space to grow and be creative.  I think of being more confident in my passions.  I think of the support of a loving spouse.  Those future five acres have to do with the difference between dreaming and doing.  Before I started working on my photography, I only dreamed of what it would mean to have space and freedom.  But on that night when we sat at a lonely bar, I asked for it.  I didn’t think about it, or wait until I had the perfect plan.  I gave those five acres life when I spoke them to Bradley.  And now I’m growing those acres by sharing them with you.

This vision isn’t purely about photography.  Photography was the passion that shook me to the core and demanded I either piss or get off the pot.  I had to decide if I wanted a hobby or a new profession.  The camera is what got me excited, got me thinking.  But my future is more than just taking pictures.  It’s about building a genuine home for myself and my family in Virginia.  It’s about having the freedom to live – and possibly parent – how I want to.  It’s about having a type of financial freedom that serves as a blessing.  It’s about leaving a mark on this world, a legacy that gives future Lowe-members something to be proud of.  It’s about no longer being slave to my doubts and insecurities.  And everyday that I work on my photography, everyday that we pay off a little more debt, everyday that I invest my energy into my home is one more day that the possibility of five acres becomes a reality.


That was a really long-winded way to say that I will be taking a break from this blog for a few months.  I’ve been toying with the idea of launching a new website- a site that is more intentionally focused on my growth and what I am working toward.  My current blog is more of a “look what happened to me today” kind of blog.  I want to create a space that can act as a timeline for my journey.  I also hope that it will be a place that inspires other people – especially other women – to live a life that is a true representation of their goals and achievements.  I want to talk about our debt-free progress, how I’m living an intentional life that better serves my true purpose, and – of course – a space to highlight my photography.  During my break, I’m going to be working on restructuring the blog, incorporating new visuals, and writing some fresh blog pieces.  I’m so excited to launch a website in a way that better represents what I’m doing.  I met with Cherie – my fellow boss lady with big dreams – earlier this month and she helped me carve out an idea of how I want the website to operate.  I’m also open to any suggestions you may have – please share!

I’m grateful for how this blog has served me, especially when I was homesick and needed a platform to express myself.  But it is time to create something bigger and better.  I hope you’ll tag along for the next part of my journey.  It is bound to be plenty exciting!

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