Simplicity Challenge Conclusion

Day 22:  Take inventory of your junk mail.

Did you know there is a legit website (supported by the FTC) that allows you to opt-out of receiving prescreening letters from credit card and insurance companies?!?!  I signed up for that PRONTO!  They have a five-year or permanent option.  I went the permanent route.  I’m not interested in credit cards.  Ever.  I’m sticking with old-school cash.  So, no thank you…I don’t want your offer.  We actually don’t get that many catalogs, but I am going to make it a point to immediately cancel catalogs as they come in.  I’m already enrolled in electronic billing for all of our bills.  Wouldn’t it be great if the only thing in your mailbox was a handwritten letter?!?!  (Hint hint…this requires y’all to send me letters.)

Day 23:  Write out a morning and evening checklist and tape it where you can see it.

I’m not doing this.  I take very hot showers.  A piece of paper taped to the mirror will never last.  I also don’t like the idea of pieces of paper taped all of the place.  It would also take approximately three days before that paper became white noise, and I ignore it all together.  I am a creature of habit so my routine is pretty solid.  If there are things that need to be done occasionally – like putting the trash by the road or remember to take a book to work for a colleague – I make a reminder in my phone and set it to go off in the mornings before I leave the house.  That system works so I’m not shaking it up.

Day 24:  Schedule a getaway in 2018.

We have already been planning a vacation for our one-year anniversary.  We are waiting to see what extra money we will have from Bradley’s expected bonus and (hopefully) our tax returns before picking a destination.  This vacation will be dictated by additional money that is outside of our normal income so we aren’t quite sure where we will go because we aren’t quite sure how much we will have to spend.  More to come once we make a decision!

Day 25:  Make a list of 10 easy go-to meals.

Coming up with last week’s list of three meals that can be made with things already in the pantry was rough enough.  And 10 meals is a lot of work for a woman that doesn’t enjoy cooking.  I made a list of three – that pasta that Bradley makes with heavy cream that is awesome, chili with baked potatoes, and breakfast for dinner (we usually have toast, eggs, grits, and pancake mix on hand).  I am the person that can eat a bowl of popcorn for dinner and be satisfied.  Whatever keeps me full and out of the kitchen.  

Day 26:  Create a Sunday prep-list.

I think this tip would be incredibly handy if we had children.  Since it is just the two of us, there isn’t much to prep for.  We go to work, we come home, we sleep, we repeat.  We keep a calendar on the refrigerator where we can add details about our individual schedules – when Bradley is out of town or when I have a haircut.  For the most part, we are rocking a consistent schedule that is simple and predictable.  I dig it.

Day 27:  Write down one goal and tape it somewhere you can see it.

Done.  I want to transform my photography from a hobby into an intentional part of my personal and professional life.  I write photography quotes all over my planner, photography has a strong presence in my PowerSheets, and I talk about it constantly with friends and family.  I’ve signed up for an editing workshop in February and have invested in an online course about lighting and location in photography.  I’m going to knock this goal out of the park.

Day 28:  Organize your inbox.

I did this about a year ago and I never looked back.  I’ve unsubscribed from EVERYTHING!  We are on an intentional budget – I don’t need to know when your sales are and I don’t care if you are giving me $20 off.  It ain’t in the budget.  As soon as I read the email, I either delete, assign it to a folder, or save it to my Google docs.  Done and done.  I try to never have more than 20 emails in my inbox at any time.

Day 29:  Stock up on household items you use all the time.

Yes…and no.  I like having extras BUT I don’t like having cabinets that are crowded.  I got very real with myself about what we truly needed a backup for. Some things simply cannot run out.  Toilet paper is a must.  We have a puppy that has accidents in the house so we need paper towels and carpet cleaner.  I wash clothes several times a week so I need my Tide pods and my color catchers.  There truly isn’t much else that we absolutely cannot run out of.  We live in town so the stores are just a short drive across the street.

Day 30:  Schedule 30 minutes once a week for yourself.

I’m a princess – I give myself more than 30 minutes a week.  I have my coffee time in the mornings, I was gifted lots of bath oils and I put them to good use about once a week, I  support a healthy pedicure routine, and I’m not ashamed of taking a few minutes for myself if I’m feeling overwhelmed.  


I plan to continue making small adjustments to my routine to further promote a lifestyle that is simple and intentional.  What changes did you make this month that you plan on keeping around?



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