Simplicity Challenge: Week 3!

I’m going to brag.  This week was a breeze, because I’ve already started doing some of these things (after weeks of stalking Emily Ley’s blog)!  That realization makes me feel more put together, and what woman doesn’t love that feeling?!

Day 8:  Get in the habit of doing a small load of laundry every morning

I’ve actually been doing this one for a few weeks now and I LOVE IT!  It seems so counter-intuitive.  If you hate doing laundry, you should do it every day…what?!  Trust me on this one, folks!  I’ve started doing a load of laundry every other day in the mornings before I go to work.  I purchased the Tide pods and some color-catching sheets by Shout to make those morning loads even easier.  I toss all of the clothes in the same load (no separating colors from whites!), use mesh bags to keep my delicates from getting mangled, and can usually have the load washed, dried, folded, and put up before I leave for work.  Super easy!  The Tide pods are so convenient that I don’t mind the extra cost.  You wouldn’t think that measuring out laundry detergent is that big of a deal until you aren’t fussing with it anymore!  

The reason why this trick works is because you aren’t tackling a mountain of multiple loads on the weekends after hoarding your filthy laundry for several days. The daunting task of staying latched to my house for an entire day so I can wash three loads of laundry is OVER, and I ain’t never going back.  You’ll think this won’t work.  It does.  Do it.  Today.  And you quickly realize how much you can downsize your closet when your wardrobe is fresh and clean consistently.  You don’t need 217 outfits when laundry is done a few times a week.  

Day 9:  Clean out your car

This one was pretty easy for me.  I tend to keep a fairly clean car and get in the habit of tossing any trash when I’m at the gas pump.  My parents always had clean cars and it left an impression on me.  I would also recommend some quality floor mats!  I invested in Weather Tech floor liners (they are designed specifically for the make and model of your car so they fit perfectly!) for the back seat and the trunk of my car.  They are pricey but they work!  Since they are designed specifically for your car, the floor liners cover all of the carpet.  You can easily vacuum out the liner without having to remove it and the carpet remains clean!   We were also gifted a backseat cover that is perfect for when I have to drive the dogs around.  Covers the seats wonderfully, is easy to clean, and is lightweight.  Squirrel away a little money in your budget for these things – it can make such a difference!

Day 10:  Keep a stack of birthday cards handy

I purchased a pack of 36 birthday cards off of Amazon for less than $10.   Having those cards has made it much easier for me to consistently send people cutesy little birthday cards.  While you are at it, buy some stamps.  I had an impulse moment over Christmas and bought 100 stamps.  That was overkill.  So, some of y’all will have Christmas themed stamps on your birthday cards in July.  The point is, buy way more stamps than you need so that you make it almost impossible not to send those little notes of love.

Day 11:  Put your number on the Do Not Call List.

I also did this a few months ago.  It helped somewhat.  I’ve stopped answering any calls that are from a number I don’t recognize.  If they don’t leave a voicemail, I block that number.  No fear.  My time is too precious to have it stolen by someone trying to sale me something or from someone trying to scare me into a scam.  If it’s important, they will leave a voicemail.  I don’t have time for phone drama.

Day 12:  Walk your house with a donate bag.

This was tougher for me.  I have been financially oriented these past few months and have been making mental lists of the things that we don’t need anymore that might be able to fetch us some money at a garage sale.  It is too stinking cold to host a garage sale right now but I’m hoping to host one early this spring and then donate anything else.  Even if we only make $50, it is still a few extra bucks I can throw at our debt!  I scrounged up a few empty plastic bins and put a ton of stuff away for the spring.  I stored the boxes in the garage and wrote a reminder in my planner in April to make sure I don’t forget all about them.  Clothes were the biggy!  We have very little closet space in our master bedroom (ladies, this is what happens when you don’t live in the same state as your boyfriend and he has to look at houses without you).  I’ve been content to whine and complain about it.  My new approach is to cut down my wardrobe so that it fits the closet we have rather than wasting emotional energy wishing I had more space.  Since my clothes are always clean, I was ably to put about 2/3rds of my wardrobe in the garage sale bin!  Woot woot!

Day 13:  Clean your purse out.

I actually got rid of my purse and brought out the book bag for the work week.  It has been AWESOME!  I usually have my lunch bag, my planner (I got a larger planner this year so it doesn’t fit in most traditional purses), my coffee cup, and my purse all weighing me down in the mornings.  With the book bag, I have plenty of space for all my things, it has pockets with lots of pouches and slots to hold and organize supplies, a side slot that holds my travel mug, and I can even store my workout clothes.  I LOVE it!  I also keep a small pouch in my book bag with some emergency gear (hair tie, bobby pin, chap stick, etc.) but everything else was tossed.  If we are going shopping and I don’t want to tote my book bag, I keep a small cross body purse by the door and toss in my phone and my wallet.  Nothing else.  Every situation does not require a fully loaded purse!  I don’t care if I look like a five-year old going to her first day of school.  Don’t care one bit.  The book bag has also been great for my coffee shop visits.  I can throw in my laptop and everything else is already packed and ready to go.  It is a dream!

Day 14:  Donate all of those formal dresses you’ll never wear again.

Oh, Emily.  We live very different lives.  I have one dress that I would consider “formal” that I actually bought for less than $75 at Loft.  I wear it once a year for Bradley’s formal holiday party.  I plan to keep on wearing it unless Loft comes out with this dress in another color.  It is safely stored away for its annual appearance in December.  The only  other dress I have that would be “formal” is my wedding dress, and I’m hoping to use the lace from that to make a christening gown if/when the time comes.

Here is a look at what is going on in week 3!

Day 15 of 30: Do Nothing. Today is your day to be still for 10 minutes. Go outside and sit and soak in the world. Clear your mind. You deserve it.

Day 16 of 30: Clean out your medicine cabinet. Trash duplicates and anything that may be expired. Make sure you have the essentials.

Day 17 of 30: Quit something today. Just say no.

Day 18 of 30: Write out three simple dinners you can make with the ingredients already in your pantry.

Day 19 of 30: Detox your social media feeds. Unfollow anyone who makes  you feel inadequate (even friends). Follow inspirational and encouraging accounts. Remember for 2016: social media is a highlight reel.

Day 20 of 30: Clean off your desk. Keep only the essentials including your computer, mousepad, a cup of pens, a lamp and one other special thing. Ditch the clutter. Wipe that desk (and keyboard) down.

Day 21 of 30: Clear the clutter on your computer. Delete unused files and organize important ones. Empty the trash. Set a new desktop wallpaper.

What are some easy adjustments you can make to your life this week??





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