Cultivate and Nourish

This week’s chapter felt like the perfect reading as the year comes to an end.  Last week’s post was about dreaming. Today is all about nourishing the soil you have so that you can accomplish those dreams.    

Before you can tend to what you have, you have to know what you have.  

Seems insanely logical, right?  But this part requires some truth telling.  The process of taking inventory of your life is only successful if you are honest.  Are you working with soil that is loose, fertilized, and ready for planting?  Is your soil full of stubborn rocks that need to be broken apart?  Maybe your soil has the right nutrients but is thirsty for water.  

While answering Lara’s questions, I had to get serious about how I have allowed circumstances to become an excuse for why I am not maximizing my happiness.  Life has thrown me a few changes this year.  Rather than embrace them, I gave myself permission to blame those changes for my poor attitude.  A great example that I mention in my handout is my move to Virginia.  Instead of acknowledging that I had become attached to the familiar and the physical, I constantly compared Smithfield to Chapel Hill with disdain and eye-rolling.  

I also prevented myself from building new relationships in Virginia, because I was running to North Carolina every chance I got – sometimes 2 or 3 weekends a month!  The truth is that there is nothing wrong with Smithfield.  There is likely plenty wrong with my attitude.  A little homesickness is expected but the fact that Virginia doesn’t feel like home yet is of no fault to the state.  That is all about my perception and willingness to invest my energy toward new ventures.  I’ve met some really beautiful people in Virginia, and those relationships could be much more fulfilling if I put more time into them.  I also have to have more confidence in my current relationships with those in North Carolina.  Those friendships have weathered greater storms than my insecurity over a few hours of distance.  I have to be more intentional about decreasing my visits to Carolina while also not being afraid to ask Carolina to visit me in Virginia!  (Roads are nifty in that they go both ways.)

So, what is the status of my soil?  My soil has a few stubborn rocks.  I get set in my ways and think I know best.  My job is giving other people advice but Lord help me if I ever tried to take some advice for myself.  I’ve got to bust up a few of my own conceptions and adjust my natural tendency to want a precise and detailed plan before making a move.  Despite the rocks, my soil is also rich.  It has the potential and the ability for a bountiful harvest.  There is work that needs to be done to prepare it, but the ingredients are already there.  

What is the status of your soil?


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