Cultivating your dreams

When was the last time you dreamed?  Really sat down and thought about all of the possibilities of the future?  As children, we rarely go a day without dreaming!  We dream of grand adventures, of being astronauts or race car drivers, and we dream of Christmas morning.  As teenagers we dream of the freedom that only a driver’s license can offer while also dreaming of all the wonderful perks of adulthood.  (Try not to laugh at that one.  Adulting is WAY harder than teenage Britney thought it would be.)  

But as adults, our dreams seem to be tethered to worries and responsibilities.  As a working adult you dream of retirement but then worry that you’ll never have enough money to actually quit your 9-5.  We dream of growing our families only to encounter the fear of being a bad parent or the worry of daycare costs.  We dream of the perfect promotion but worry about the possibility for failure.  Dreaming as an adult doesn’t seem to carry the luster that it did as an innocent and naive child.

One of the obstacles of dreaming as an adult is that we struggle to see the potential where we are.  

“I could be happier if…”  

“My marriage could be better if…”  

“I could start my own business if…”

Sound familiar?  All of those “ifs” start to get in the way of our ability to dream about the future.  We can’t imagine a better or more intentional life for ourselves, because we are so grounded in all of the ways that our current situation is failing.  We envision that our starting place is too flawed and imperfect to have the ability to produce what we want.  


“A seed doesn’t burst through the earth and decide to hop to another spot because it looks better, easier, or more comfortable in someone else’s garden.  It grows right in the dirt where it has been planted.”  (Casey, page 64)


And there it is.  The answer to all of those “ifs.”  The solution doesn’t lie in finding a new and better plot of earth to promote our growth.  The answer is in taking stock of what we have been given, what we have to work with, and using those tools to produce the dreams that we want. Stop waiting around for different dirt and stop thinking that everyone else’s dirt doesn’t have its fair share of manure sprinkled throughout.  Trust me, darling.  We are all rocking our own brand of manure.

This week’s chapter asked me to think about my dreams and to think about how I can grow those dreams in the exact dirt that I have.  Honestly, I’m not sharing all of my dreams with you this week.  There are some ideas that I have that are so sparkly and special that I’m not ready to introduce them to a skeptical world. Those dreams make my heart so happy and give me such hope for how my future can be.  Correction:  for how my future will be.  I want to let those dreams really steep and simmer in my soul before I start sharing them with others.  


What is something that you’ve dreamed of but have convinced yourself that you can’t do it because your “dirt” isn’t good enough?

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