“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.” — Marc Riboud

Per my mantra to “cultivate grace,” I have been making more time for intentional joy.  I sometimes view happiness as this side effect of having everything fall perfectly into place, rather than an active pursuit.  As I continue to work my way through Lara Casey’s book, I am trying to be more mindful of creating moments intentionally for the purpose of being happy.

One of the things that brings me joy is photography and writing.  (Actually, I think the joy is being able to express myself and writing/photography are they ways I prefer to do so.)  This blog is evidence that I enjoy writing and the pictures help me better illustrate my life in ways that words cannot.  One of my goals for this weekend was to head out to Windsor Castle Park on Saturday morning and take a few pictures.  My follow-up goal was to edit and post at least five of those pictures.  I ended up changing the goal around a bit and decided to edit the same picture five different ways.  My form of editing currently takes place with the assistance of “trial” and “error.”  I haven’t had any formal training so I’m messing around and seeing what happens.  (I have signed up for an editing course with Sharon Elizabeth this February so that my future edits are more purposeful.)  I have also been reading more literature from other photographers (blogs, Facebook pages, etc.) and understand better the importance of developing a style and consistency within my photos.  I am still discovering what that consistency will look like – these edits are step in the right direction.  I would love to know what picture you prefer or if you don’t prefer a single one!

SF raw

Above is the raw image – below are five different edits all from this original.SF 1SF 3SF 2SF 4SF 5


In other news, two of the puppies went home this weekend so we are down to four!  We had our worst night with the puppies on Saturday night/early Sunday morning.  There was lots of poop and a visit to the emergency vet.  Everyone is doing fine but my stomach is still in knots from my nerves and my eye bags are practically consuming my entire face.  This season of life continues to test us, but we offer each other patience and love throughout it all.  Sometimes the patience is thin and worn, but we extend it nonetheless.  We have much to look forward to, including holiday parties, time with family, the wrapping and opening of much anticipated gifts, and cold weather fires.  

Thank goodness they are so cute – helps distract from how exhausted we are!

4 thoughts on ““Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.” — Marc Riboud

    1. wigginsbritney

      Thank you! I liked the first edit the best, too! I am naturally more drawn to brighter colors so some of the other edits look a little too muted for me! I’m interested to see how my edits will be different when they are of people rather than landscapes! Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback – it is really helpful for me as I start figuring out edits and what looks best! Can’t wait for your blog debut in the future!


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