The puppy post you’ve been dying for

In case you haven’t heard, Miss Reece had her puppies on September 21, 2017.  The first puppy arrived at 2:30 that afternoon, much to the excitement of the clinic where I work.  I had everyone asking for puppy updates approximately every 5-7 minutes.  Puppy cam was put into overdrive that day.  The sixth puppy came around 10:30 that night with a sleepless night to follow.  With an original prediction of eight puppies, we were worried to find only six the following morning.  Bradley had the tough job of taking her to the vet that Friday and was told that there was another puppy still inside.  This puppy was much larger than its brothers and sisters; too large to be born like the rest.  With shaken nerves and a worried heart, Bradley had to make the decision for Reece to have a C-section to retrieve the final puppy.  That sweet baby didn’t make it and, while our hearts were sad, we focused our energy on getting Momma healthy again and helping her with the six precious puppies at home.

momma 2.jpgOur sweet Momma was wore out that first week of puppies.  She has gotten the hang of it and makes us proud with how great she has taken to the role.

Fast forward a week and a half – Momma has recovered like a champ and the puppies are growing faster than I prefer.  We anticipate that their eyes will open sometime this week.  With sight, we also anticipate lots of curiosity and trouble making.  I’m going to savor these next few days of helpless puppy grumbles.

Me.jpgGood gosh, they melt your heart.

Honey update:  my initial prediction that she would hate every single puppy has been accurate.  She often refuses to look at them.  Other times she will leave the room entirely.  Bradley and I have also been on the receiving end of some pretty serious stank eye from our first pet.  I do not expect her to develop a love for them anytime soon.  Those puppies better get used to hateful stares and the showing of tiny teeth when they get too close.

Honey.jpgDon’t worry, Honey Bun.  You will always be my most favorite angriest pup.

Below are just a few of the 234,569,298 pictures that I have taken of the puppies.  It’s a good thing that their eyes are closed or else those babies would be seeing stars for the next two years from the camera flash.  So far, things haven’t been that crazy with the addition of six dogs.  I have zero expectations of that lasting much longer.

On a final note, if you want to see something precious come over one evening and watch Bradley whisper sweet things to a little puppy cradled like a baby in his arms.  These puppies are softening his roughened edges, I swear it.  Out of respect and a fear of retaliation, I will not post one of those pictures.  I will, however, post one of him that I took when he wasn’t expecting it.

BradleyLife wouldn’t be nearly as fun if we didn’t heckle one another from time to time.

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