Labor Day

Thank goodness for the occasional three day weekend.  There is something wonderful about Sunday feeling like Saturday.  And the realization that a four day workweek is ahead of you isn’t too shabby a feeling either.  While I typically spend my Labor Day weekends in Georgia with Bradley and his family, this year was an exception.  My PTO bank is still recovering from our honeymoon, and our sweet Reese is incredibly pregnant.  While she would typically be the star of the dove shoot, she is in no shape to be running around in the heat while “at least eight” puppies continue to grow.  (Bradley has already decided that we will NEVER breed her or any bird dog during dove season again.)  So he headed South on Friday while the girls and I stayed behind for a more relaxing weekend.  

Some of the carpet patterns found in the Governor’s Palace at Colonial Williamsburg.

Smithfield was also made a little brighter this weekend because HILLARY WAS HERE!  She made her appearance on Thursday evening so that we could promptly begin our Labor Day celebrations the millisecond I arrived home from work on Friday.  She had the pleasure of working from our home on Friday surrounded by the girls.  I believe Reese made quite the appearance during a video conference call.  We made our way to the local Mexican restaurant for dinner and margaritas before settling down to watch “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.”  Hillary and I love a relaxing evening and have gotten out of the habit of pretending that we are “going out.”  Nope – we are more “staying in” kind of gals. 

CW swords.jpgWhen your decoration options are limited, you just toss a few swords on the wall!

Saturday was jam packed!  We took Reese to the Farmer’s Market before heading to Virginia Beach so that I could pick up some Craigslist chairs for my office renovation project.  We then had to go to a local feed supply store to pick up some dog food for Reese because it can’t be any ole type of food.  We then jetted to Breakout Room in Newport News for a little brain game fun.  Hillary is awesome at it!  We made it out of the room with little help from our moderator and were able to successfully steal back some priceless pieces of art (or so the story goes)!  Afterward, we gobbled down some lunch at Cove Tavern, hit up Traditions Brewery, did some window shopping, and then went back home.  Once we were snuggled on the couch, we lit a candle and watched another movie before letting the sleep take over.

CW 1Even the colonial folks loved a good unicorn decoration! (Top left column)

Sunday was our day to indulge in a little history by walking around Colonial Williamsburg.  Hillary is a history buff so this was right up her alley.  We did a tour of the Governor’s Palace before wandering around the town to see a few tradesman at work.  My favorites were the apothecary and the bindery (books, not people).  The apothecary’s shop gave me such an appreciation for modern medicine.  And the bindery requires such detail and patience.  I would have glued all those sheets of paper together in a heartbeat – my “books” would have made great paper weights!

CW maze.jpgI was/am obsessed with these trees and the way they framed this maze.  I adore a giant tree.

We also toured the Randolph House – the previous home of Peyton Randolph.  Fun fact:  he was cousin to Thomas Jefferson!  The home of Mr. Randolph is interesting because it was here that Peyton read a letter from Jefferson arguing against the British assumption that the colonies were hypocrites for demanding their own independence while denying freedom to their slaves.  Jefferson argued that the colonies were interested in freeing the slaves but were “forced” to continue the practice as Britain maintained the trade for the sake of profit.  He wrote this out and sent it to Peyton who would later have it printed and distributed despite being one of the largest owners of human property in Virginia.  If I remember correctly, half of his estate was estimated to be in human capital.  Our tour guide hinted that there was no genuine interest in freeing slaves but rather the purpose of printing Jefferson’s words was to further fuel the fire for colonial freedom by supporting the notion that the rebels were not hypocrites.  It was an interesting tour, and I learned something new about how the human condition demands freedom for oneself while lending a blind eye toward our brothers and sisters in chains.

CW garden.jpgThe type of garden that makes me think of my momma.

Monday was particularly lazy and great.  We took Reese on a walk before Hillary knocked out a little work.  We then made our way to Virginia Beach for an obligatory trip to the ocean.  Despite the beach being packed, we found a relatively quiet spot not far from the public access and were able to get in a few hours of toe dipping and book reading before we braved the Virginia bridges and tunnels to make our way back to Smithfield.  (I am currently reading “Priestdaddy:  A Memoir” by Patricia Lockwood.  It reads like fiction because the main character, a wild-hearted heathen turned Catholic priest, seems unreal.)  Being the busy career woman that she is, Hillary had to leave Monday evening so that she could be productive on Tuesday.  I hugged her neck tightly and reminded myself that Durham is only three hours away.  

CW gov mansion 2Can you imagine living here?!?!

I’m glad to have had another person to spend the long weekend with.  I can only take the dogs on so many walks and binge so many episodes of Santa Clarita Diet.  Besides, Hillary is a breath of fresh air.  That air may be more of a frenzied tornado than gentle breeze, but it has a way of zapping you into the present moment. I’m not worried about work or future puppies when she is around.  I’m worried about helping Hillary plan future fall outfits and pick out perfect candles for reading and devouring hamburgers side-by-side.  It will likely be October before I see her again, and I have already circled the date on my calendar in red.  As I’ve written before, “We were unlikely friends when we first met, but we make damn good friends.”  Cheers to our next adventure being Carolina Blue!

CW gov manion.jpgThe back entrance of the Governor’s Palace.  Don’t let the humble door fool you – it leads to the ballroom.

In other news:

  • This coming weekend is my girl’s trip to Lake Gaston.  We are crossing our fingers that the weather holds out and at least offers us a chance to make it to the cabin even if we stay indoors and play card games.  I also know that we will all be good mothers/aunts because we have sent out 3473247 emails regarding necessary supplies and, between the 7 of us, there will be at least 5 bottles of bug spray present.  We are nothing if detailed.
  • The following weekend will be a time to celebrate the official closing of summer.  We are having a fairly small group of people over.  I’m excited for a chance to decorate with flowers, enjoy some (hopefully) nice weather, and then head to the Isle of Wight County Fair for some fried treats and live music.  Give this girl a giant turkey leg and some elephant ears!
  • We are anticipating puppies shortly afterward!  Lord help us.  (Mainly me.  Bradley is Mr. Cool As A Cucumber about more than quadrupling the number of animals in our home.)

Mainly, I’m just holding on until 2018.  Our life is picking up pace again, but I’m not sure I would have it any other way.  I love being busy buying baby gifts for expecting parents and coonskin hats for a little boy with a love for Davy Crockett.  And while the puppies will surely turn our southern home into a zoo, I can’t wait to watch them grow into clumsy dogs that will bring love and joy to someone’s home.  Life would be much too boring at a pace slower than 1,000 mph.  So I’m hanging on with a full heart rather than clenched hands.  (Besides, I am much more of a teeth clencher than a fist clencher.)   

CW cemetary.jpgI have always been drawn to graveyards – the older the better.  I find that there is incredible life in walking among tombstones.

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