Whole30 Week 3: Almost done!

Tuesday (Day 15):  Woke up with some energy today!  I took Reese on a walk this morning, went on a short walk around campus at work after lunch, absolutely rocked my time in the gym, and still felt like a million bucks when I got home and had to cook dinner.  THIS IS THE TIGER BLOOD THEY HAVE BEEN TALKING ABOUT!  (“Tiger blood” is a Whole30 term used to describe a surge of energy that people tend to experience in the third week.)  I could get used to feeling awesome.  The only hiccup (and not Whole30 related) is that our ceiling fan started making some serious racket around 2:30 am this morning.  I absolutely must sleep with a fan on because sleeping next to my darling husband is the noise equivalent of being in an arcade.  Between this weird clicking noise he makes in his throat, the occasional snoring, and grinding his teeth, my nerves are shot by the time my alarm goes off.  The ceiling fan gave my mind something else to focus on and, in its absence, I may have toyed with the idea of gently elbowing him in the ribs.  (I am learning that marriage is a balance of figuring out when you really need to poke them and when you should just let it slide.)  I gave his ribs a pass and the noise seemed to stop when I cranked up the fan tonight. Now we can all sleep without Bradley fearing for his life.


Yep – that handsome stud of mine sounds just like this once the sun goes down.  (Cheers to my favorite barcade, The Baxter, in Chapel Hill!)

Wednesday:  Kudos to the Whole30 folks that prepare unique meals more than three times a week.  You should be applauded.  I eat the exact same breakfast every day, the same lunch for 5-6 days in a row, and basically the same dinner for 3-4 days.  I try to spice it up on the weekends so it doesn’t seem like I’ve completely given up on myself.  Otherwise, I live off of leftovers.  

If yesterday was a six pack of Tiger Blood, today was a keg of it!  Even though the girls and I slept in and skipped our morning walk, we more than made up for it that evening.  Reese and I went on a two and half mile hike around Windsor Castle Park and then I rocked out to a 45 minute yoga video from Fightmaster Yoga in my living room.  I was so jacked that I ended up staying awake until 10:00 pm!!!  That is a solid hour past my usual bed time!  

Thursday:  More leftovers and my energy still feels pretty good.  I am very grateful that tomorrow’s dinner will be shrimp rather than the chicken .  Bradley will also be home so we can grill the shrimp – even better!  

Friday:  I am all of the bloat today.  Aside for a belly that is eager to be the first to enter the room, I still feel pretty good.  No changes to my sleep or energy so I’m chalking this bought of bloat to the joys of being a woman.  I am totally over the meatballs I have been eating since Sunday.  Thank goodness for Saturday and the luxury of eating something different!  Dinner ended up being lazy leftovers (more chicken…so much chicken) but the shrimp will definitely happen tomorrow!

Saturday:  I was on the go today and had plenty of energy to handle it!  Reese and I went on a muggy morning walk before I headed to the Farmer’s Market for some goodies.  I helped a friend move, picked up a new desk for the house, and then enjoyed grilled shrimp and veggies with the husband.  Lunch was lacking today, and that seems to be a trend for me on the weekends.  With a later breakfast, I don’t get really hungry for lunch until close to dinner.  So, I stave off the hunger pangs with snacks.  Today, I had half of a coconut RXBAR and a peach.  I was more than eager for dinner to arrive but didn’t end up being too miserable.

Sunday:  I woke up and cooked breakfast for Bradley and I before heading to the grocery store and getting started on meal prep.  I whipped up some ground beef with “taco” seasoning, sauteed onions and peppers, and fried a few plantains.  I’ll put that on top of some lettuce and tomatoes from the salad bar at work and there is lunch!  I also cooked some chicken legs in the slow cookers with a little garlic, lime juice, salt and pepper.  I will broil those in the oven to crisp them up as dinner options this week.  I have a little cilantro to put on top of the chicken and I have asparagus and spaghetti squash for sides.  Dinner will be a little hectic this week but nothing some leftovers can’t handle.


Thank goodness for steak!  The collards weren’t as good as when Bradley makes them with maple syrup and pork demi glace.  But it wasn’t that terrible either.  I’m just looking to pout about everything.

Monday:  The time of leftovers has begun!  Breakfast was my usual except with two eggs instead of one.  I was feeling extra eggy today.  Lunch was taco beef with onions and peppers over a bed of lettuce and tomatoes.  It was actually pretty awesome.  I had a side of fried plantains for a sweet treat and, if I’m being honest, felt fancy for having made it myself (even though it is incredibly simple to make).  I had planned to go to the Junior League event but got out of work too late and didn’t have the social energy required to mingle.  (I still have the meeting on Wednesday and I won’t miss that!  I can’t say I want friends and then do nothing to get them.)  I did go to Krispy Kreme to get my amazing husband the eclipse donut despite the fact that every crazy nutjob in town was also there.  People were losing their minds over this donut and almost getting in fights.  I was actually disappointed (although this could have been a coping mechanism because I knew I couldn’t eat one) that it wasn’t more.  Y’all, it’s the regular donut just covered in chocolate (which I’m pretty sure they offer all of the time anyway).  I’m a little embarrassed that I endured that insanity, but I knew it would make Bradley happy so I kept my head low and got the goods before anyone could rip them from my hands.  Dinner was quite a pitiful affair.  I absolutely did not want to eat the chicken I prepared yesterday.  But I did.  And I’m still dissatisfied.  


I didn’t take a picture of the mob because I was afraid the flash would anger them.


I found the tiger blood this week and it was awesome!  Having energy to get through an entire day is amazing.  Instead of fighting feelings of drowsiness all day, I maintain consistent energy throughout the day.  I feel tired when it is time for bed and feel fairly awake when it is time to get up.  And I have been sleeping like a rock this past week, except for when the fan acts up.

I feel bored with my meal options.  I am also starting to feel the effects of being on such a restrictive diet.  While I do feel better, I honestly wonder if a little sugar in my salad dressing is going to completely ruin my life.  I think I can go to a restaurant now and make healthier decisions – like a salad – but even that is currently derailed on Whole30 because it is so restrictive.  This definitely isn’t for everyone. I only have a week left but part of me is over it.  I want to be healthy, but I also want balance.  Whole30 does not allow for balance.  You either do it or you don’t.  August 31 can’t get here soon enough.

I am a man down from when this started.  It was over nachos.  If you are going to go out with a bang, please let it be sweet delicious nachos.  I’ve often joked of getting a nacho tattoo.  That is absolutely ridiculous.  Kinda…


At the peak of my gym days in North Carolina – there is a muscle there!!!

Working out last week was pretty enjoyable.  I went to the gym three times, did yoga once, and took the girls on a walk at least once every day.  My goal is to go to the gym three times this week and to keep up the walking schedule.  I was a bit of a gym beast before I moved to North Carolina.  I was curling 17.5 pounds in each hand before the move – my new goal is 20.  I liked having muscles and want to get back to there.  Cardio isn’t really my groove but the weights make me feel awesome.  I’ve also been toying with incorporating more challenging poses into my yoga practice and the muscles may give me the confidence I need to commit.

Down 2.4 pounds this week.  Still working!  Since I started this journey – including the awkward three weeks were I was “preparing” – I have lost a total of 15 pounds.  And that ain’t no joke.

Final thought:  I ran the dishwasher non-stop this week.  Whole30 takes a toil on your dishes when you actually start cooking things.  Lord help our water bill when it arrives.


We find out on Friday if this sweet girl is harboring a litter of puppies!  If she isn’t pregnant, she has done a bang up job of fooling us into putting all kinds of goodies in her food bowl to get her to eat.  I will feel like the world’s biggest sucker if that test is negative.

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