Whole30 Week 2: Half Way Done!

Tuesday (Day 8):  I felt much better than yesterday but was pretty tired when I woke up.  We had some pretty bad storms during the night that kept me awake, and I didn’t eat much on Monday.  I’m blaming both for the low energy.  Breakfast was my usual without an avocado (my stomach wasn’t interested) and lunch was a delicious chicken salad over greens.  I added olives to it for a little more salty flavor and to give it some spunk.  I was very pleased with how it turned out and can’t wait to eat it for lunch tomorrow!  I was still pretty energetic throughout the day despite my poor night’s sleep and was in a pleasant mood.


Perfect representation of my mood on Tuesday as I viewed the shipyard while stuck in traffic on Tuesday.

Until it came time to go home.  Ever get that feeling where you just want to be home?  You want cuddles from the dogs and a hug from your husband.  And not because it has been a particularly bad day.  Just because you want them and sometimes it is good to be selfish for love.  That was me on Tuesday afternoon.  I made it through 64 (where the normal traffic is) without a hiccup.  Traffic was a breeze, people were driving like they had decent sense, and I barely had to tap the brake.  Until I got to the James River Bridge.  (If you follow me on Snapchat, you know all too well the extreme emotions I experience while stuck in traffic during a bridge lift that is during rush hour.)  There was bridge lift scheduled for 5:30 on Tuesday and traffic was backed up a good five miles before you even got to the start of the JRB.  As if that delay weren’t enough, someone crashed their car into the bridge and it caught on fire.  The vehicle was literally on fire and there is a black spot on the bridge to prove it.  No one was injured so I feel less guilty about being aggravated.  Long story short:  it took me over 2 hours to get home.  For perspective, it typically takes barely an hour.  I got home and didn’t speak to a soul.  The dogs and husband were in the shop; I didn’t bother to say “hello.”  I changed into my yoga pants, did the angriest yoga series of my life, heated up some leftovers, and started The Bachelorette.  Bradley eventually discovered me inside and handled me with patience and a delicate hand.  I try not to be an evil spouse too often but it’s best to avoid direct eye contact when those moments do happen.  He eventually calmed my anger and got me to settle down with him and the girls for a little relaxation before bed.  That man is too good, y’all.  I also poured my Lacroix into a wine glass and that seemed to help.  

What would I do without all of the wonderful love in my life?

Wednesday:  Wait a minute.  Didn’t someone tell me that I might be irritable this week?  Yeah, definitely read that somewhere.  So yesterday’s extreme range of unhealthy anger is making more sense.  While the traffic usually gets my blood pressure rising, I can typically calm myself down, blast some tunes, and make it through the trip without feelings of committing federal crimes.  

Breakfast was the same and the rest of my meals were leftovers.  I’m not the most creative person in the kitchen and I’m trying to limit my time there without jeopardizing my success with Whole30.  So I eat tons of leftovers during the week.  I actually do pretty well until Thursday and by Friday I am over it.  Works out well because I have the weekend to play around with new dishes.   

Eating breakfast is like a scene out of Groundhog’s Day – they all start to look the same after a while.

Thursday:  I slept like a rock last night!  I bumped the AC to 68, snuggled under the covers, and didn’t move an inch all night.  This is the sleep I have been looking for!  I have also become obsessed with prosciutto.  I heat it in the skillet for a bit to get rid of some of the water and it tastes like salty country ham heaven.  When I do that, I don’t add any salt to the rest of my breakfast plate and it is the perfect balance.  God only knows how much money I’m spending each week on prosciutto but it makes me so insanely happy.  When you find the happy, keep it.  Breakfast and lunch were more of the same. We went to Captain Chuck-a-mucks, our most favorite dive bar, for dinner.  We typically head there every Thursday night, sit at the bar, heckle the bartender (Mike) a bit, and listen to live music.  It feels like the perfect tribute to the upcoming weekend.  I usually have 1-2 El Guapo IPAs, ½ pound steamed shrimp, and split a basket of fries with Bradley.  The shrimp is seasoned in Old Bay, which is Whole30 compliant, so I had shrimp and water.  Not my usual amped up dinner, but I wasn’t hungry when I got home so I didn’t eat anything else.  I had hoped I could at least put some hot sauce on the shrimp so they weren’t completely condiment-less but Texas Pete is not compliant so I was out of luck.  

Going out to eat on Whole30 is not that fun.  Sure, you can technically do it.  But even salads become a chore because most of the dressings will have added sugar or dairy.  So going out becomes a bit tiresome and left me feeling a little defeated.  I tried to enjoy the music but the experience felt less to me.  I think I will stay away from restaurants until Whole30 is done.  

Friday:  I did a little meal planning for the week and made my grocery list.  Dinner was grilled hamburgers with veggie sides.  I really enjoy the taste of foods prepared on the grill, and I’m a big fan of a little char on my food.  I’m glad that Bradley enjoys the process of grilling as much as I enjoy eating the rewards.

The grill is saving my sanity right now.  Coupled with the perfect evening breeze, our weekends dinners have been phenomenal recently.

Saturday:  My only mistake today was skipping on lunch.  I ate a later breakfast and wasn’t feeling up to a full meal before we went to the Escape Room.  I opted for a banana and brought a RXBAR with me.  The snacks DID NOT cut it.  I was completely wiped out by 5:00.  Not necessarily hungry but exhausted.  Lesson learned.  We grilled again for dinner since the weather has been spectacular in the evenings.  Dinner was grilled chicken wings with veggies.  I still had some kale leftovers from Sunday’s meal prep day, but I could not eat another bite of kale.  I had reached my limit.  One woman can only eat so much kale!

Sunday:  I slept like a champ, had delicious meals, did some meal prep for the week, and did minimal housework.  I’ve noticed that when I eat right and work on really portioning my protein, fats, and veggies, I have stable and consistent energy all day.  It isn’t necessarily more energy but it is more stable.  I also noticed that the dress I wore to church this morning was looser in areas that had been tight a few months ago.  Heck yeah!  I’m toying with the idea of attempting to go to the gym 3 times a week.  If I squeeze in a short session after work, I may potentially miss some of the rush hour traffic and not get home that much later.  Having leftovers for dinner makes it easier for me to walk in the door and get my grub on without the delay of cooking.  I will definitely need to pay attention to my energy levels and I’m preparing to need more food to help maintain my energy.

Monday:  I think I’ll just eat the same breakfast for the rest of my life.  It suits me.  I purchased a Spanish style of prosciutto from Lidl and it was fantastic (and almost half the price of what I purchase from Food Lion)!  Lunch was (and will be through Friday) meatballs prepared in the slow cooker, roasted Brussels sprouts, and a side salad from the work buffet using my own salad dressing.  Yum, yum, yum.  I went to the gym after work for a 45 minute session and actually got home at roughly the same time.  I had a RXBAR on the way home and it completely ruined my appetite for dinner.  I know you are supposed to eat fairly soon after working out, but I enjoy eating dinner with my husband.  We sit together, talk about our day, and get to enjoy one another’s company.  I grew up in a family that always sat down at a table and ate dinner together.  I want to continue that tradition.  So I’m going to wait it out and eat when I get home.   



I was irritable and irritable was me.

Well, I was irritable.  That seemed to calm down by Friday.  And my stomach is ssslllooowwwlllyyy adjusting to the changes.  Everyone that started this with me is still doing it, and I’m proud of my pack of women for sticking with it.  The only time I had real cravings was when I got home on Tuesday after my prolonged commute.  Prior to Whole30, I would have immediately cracked a beer.  I knew it wouldn’t actually help the situation but the habit felt familiar and pleasant.  One of the Whole30 bloggers that I read mentioned that her inability to eat/drink away her problems forced her to really comfort feelings of discomfort and sadness.  She couldn’t push it to the side while overindulging in foods that don’t actually support a healthy body or life.  She cried a lot during her Whole30 but gained the ability to process her emotions without food.  I recognize the relevancy to my own life without quite so many tears (I would argue that I’ve cried no more or less than normal).  We use crutches to help us avoid confronting our feelings.  We don’t trust ourselves enough to feel that we can handle our problems independently.  So we have a beer.  Or a piece of cake.  And our brain is happy for a few minutes while our heart still carries the burden.  I didn’t have that beer on Tuesday and I eventually came out of my slump with the help of Bradley and the girls.  It all worked out (just like it always does) and I didn’t need to depend on food to make it happen.  That is a new habit I can get behind.  

Do yourself a favor and buy these.  They add flavor to your dishes without any real thought or energy.  I’m a big fan.

I have also discovered that buying the seasonings that come together (my favorites are the 21 Seasoning Salute and the Everything But The Bagel Sesame Blend.) is the way to go.  I can toss a seasoning blend on some chicken and it feels like a totally different meal.  Trader Joe’s and most local grocery stores carry blends.  For the lazy cooker (and for the woman with limited cabinet space), those blends are saving my soul right now.

I also lost another 2 pounds this week!  Woot!  I’m interested to see how the exercise will impact my eating habits.  I’m anticipating that I may need to eat a slightly larger dinner than I have been to help compensate, but I’ll let my body take the lead with that.  If I’m hungry, I’ll eat more. If I’m not, I won’t.  So darn simple.

It has come to my attention that I frequently have spelling errors.  Part of me is appalled.  But the truth is, I’ve never anticipated this would be a work of perfection.  So, you’ll get misspellings and wrong commas and all kinds of other mistakes that would make your Eighth Grade English teacher cringe.  However, if we are being honest, it’s not like I’m making any money off of this, and I’m pretty sure only my parents read this consistently.  So the errors will persist and the apologies will be lacking!


My new motto is “Tea bags and eye bags.”  I think it suits me.

2 thoughts on “Whole30 Week 2: Half Way Done!

  1. I read you regularly too. My sister and I are studying the Whole30 book and thinking about it. You are doing great. A friend of mine has a long commute and if traffic is bad, he goes and sits at the beach for 45-60 minutes before hitting the road home. So a workout should help you with that. Keep it up!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. wigginsbritney

      Thanks! It hasn’t been that bad, especially once you get used to the “rules.” My only complaint is that it is so incredibly restrictive (which is the point) – I’ll be glad when the 30 days is over and I can better regulate a balance that works for me. But I have been thinking harder about my relationship with food and how that relationship impacts my relationship with other things, like work and family. A little internal reflection is usually necessary from time to time!


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