Whole30: Week One

Do not – I repeat! – do not being to think that I’m going to start posting every day.  This is a rare occurrence. 

Day-By-Day Replay


Whole30 day one meals.  Get used to this image because it represents pretty much all of my meals.

Tuesday (Day 1):  tired and bloated.  I’m still catching up on my sleep from the weekend.  It doesn’t help that I probably stayed up too late on Monday night watching the latest episode of Game of Thrones.  I squeezed in Day 1 of my yoga challenge when I got home from work and quickly realized that my dogs have no sense of personal space and see the yoga mat as an invitation to be in the way.  During yoga I also had the realization that I can eat absolutely nothing at the baseball game I just purchased tickets to for Sunday.  So, there is that. Breakfast was a blend of fried egg, avocado, potato hash with green beans, and sliced cucumber.  Lunch was sweet potato chili with blueberries and dinner was walnut crusted chicken with roasted eggplant and sauteed squash.  Dinner ended up being mostly the same color which, I have discovered, is unappealing to me.  It tasted pretty good though.


Day two meals – I added prosciutto to breakfast and put the chicken on a salad for dinner to color things up a bit.

Wednesday:  I woke up early and felt pretty energetic so I took Miss Reese on a walk around the neighborhood before I whipped up some breakfast.  My stomach felt a little off throughout the morning but eventually settled down.  I rocked out to my yoga video once I got home and used leftovers for an easy dinner.  We enjoyed an afternoon stroll with the dogs since the weather was amazing before settling down for the night.


Sick of looking at the same food over and over again – try eating it.  It tastes good but doesn’t really get you excited.

Thursday:  skull crushing headache for most of the day.  And so tired that I seriously contemplated crawling under my desk and taking a nap (for all current and future employers:  I’m not nearly gutsy enough to do that – I’ll sit at my desk and look dreadful like the rest of the crew).  My allergies have been acting up so I’m tempted to blame it on sinuses rather than the food.  Could be a delightful mixture of both.  Either way, I took Reese on our morning walk, hid in my office to avoid human interaction, did my yoga video at home, and enjoyed leftovers before watching Sweet Home Alabama.  Bradley was off enjoying himself with his co-workers so the girls and I snuck into bed early.  They are darn good cuddlers.  And Reese has shown an increased interest in me lately.  I’m tempted to blame it on pregnancy hormones (even though we won’t technically know if she is pregnant for a few more weeks).  I suspect that Bradley will return to being her favorite “hoo-men” (Reese’s adorable pronunciation of “human”) once her body is no longer hijacked by puppies.Oh, and Bradley has now decided he would like to keep a girl puppy.  Because we don’t have nearly enough estrogen and sass in this household.

Because all of this attitude definitely needs another sister…

Friday:  Friday is always a good day.  We had no travel plans, got tickets to see the Durham Bulls, and don’t have company for a while so the dusting can wait.  I had this overwhelming sense of freedom, and it was wonderful.  Friday meals were similar to the previous three days.  The main difference was the large amount of green tea I gulped down.  A hot beverage seemed to be all that would settle my stomach.  I wouldn’t describe it as nausea so much as generally unsettled.  I’ve been warned that there can be some gastrointestinal disruptions throughout the beginning of the month as the body adjusts to the new diet.  They weren’t lying.  My energy was still pretty low so we kept it low key on Friday and took the girls on a downtown walk after dinner.  

Lunch was more of the same chili so you aren’t missing much.  Dinner was chicken salad with Whole30 mayo – pretty darn good.  Might be a new favorite for me.

Saturday:  I had my usual breakfast (because it ain’t broke and don’t need fixin’) and “enjoyed” the last bit of my sweet potato chili that was in the refrigerator.  I use the term “enjoyed” because this was the SIXTH day I had this for lunch.  The rest is in the freezer and may not see the light of day until next year.  Dinner was delicious grilled steaks, grilled asparagus, and baked sweet potato.  Lots of glorious grilled meat.  My non-vegetarian-give-me-the-beef heart was happy.


The steaks were not up to Bradley’s standards (sorry Farm Fresh – Mr. Lowe is not a fan) but I could have eaten two.

Sunday:  Exact same breakfast as usual.  Did lots of meal prepping on Sunday so I enjoyed some chicken salad over greens for lunch since it was the last thing I prepped and already on the counter.  I also had balsamic chicken and mushrooms for dinner with sides of sauteed kale topped with sliced almonds and roasted broccoli (which even Bradley ate!).  I prepped the kale and broccoli before we went to the baseball game and I’m glad I did.  We were exhausted when we got home and barely had the energy to cook the chicken.  Honestly, the chicken was not my favorite.  Can’t really put my finger on it but the taste just wasn’t there for me.


Balsamic and mushroom chicken – looked good but didn’t taste quite right to me.  And I think it led to my demise on Monday.

Monday:  uh.  Tummy grumbles.  Bad.  I was genuinely nauseous with a touch of vomit in the morning and the afternoon was…well…can’t really describe it on a public forum without being a little embarrassed.  Just know it wasn’t pretty and I had to sit out from work.  I kept it Whole30 for lunch and dinner but my meals were tiny and I consumed more green tea than actual food.  I’m wondering if it might have been the mushrooms in our chicken dish on Sunday night.  I don’t normally eat them and it was the only thing that I ate on Sunday which was different than my normal diet.  I won’t be eating those suckers for a long long time.  Put them right under fish on my list of “Things I Don’t Like Eating Even When You Tell Me I Should Try It Because I’ve Already Tried It A Million Times and I’m Thirty So Just Leave Me Alone OK.”


Having people do it with you really helps.  I think having a support system is important anytime we seek to make big changes.  Feeling alone stinks but can become overwhelming in the midst of change.  Hillary and I share recipes and meal prepping with each other.  Liz, a nurse in the clinic where I work, shares hysterical memes with me and doesn’t judge me when my emotions are all over the place.  I’ve referred to this journey as “going down the rabbit hole.”  It’s nice not to be in the darkness by yourself.


The nurse, Liz, shows me a meme every day about Whole30 – I’ve kept a few as office decorations and a reminder that it’s better to laugh than cry about some things.

Bradley is a trouper.  While he isn’t doing Whole30 with me, he hasn’t complained about the Marie Calendar’s dinners (probably because he loves them) and knows that some things are off the table for me.  He doesn’t push me to be non-compliant (except for Sunday when he asked me at least twice if I wanted a bite of his cheese/chili/Frito covered hot dog) and expresses such pride and support about what I am doing.  I say it all the time but a million times won’t do:  he is such a good man.

My gut is definitely adjusting to this new lifestyle but I’m hopeful that things will start to settle down in week two.  I’ve been warned that week two can lead to some mood swings and general irritability (sorry, Bradley).  I think I’ll be so grateful to have a stomach that doesn’t betray me that I’ll be in an overall pleasant demeanor.  

I’ve also lost 5 pounds this week.  Yep.  I said 5 pounds.  In about three weeks (if you count the time I was prepping for Whole30) I have lost 12 pounds.  I’ve been eating large meals and it feels GREAT to eat like a champ, not be hungry all the time, and still see your body respond to the changes.  I don’t expect every week to be such a loss, but it sure is motivating.  And before the Whole30 die hards get me: I know this isn’t supposed to be about weight loss.  But it certainly is part of my journey.  And I won’t feel shame for weighing myself during these 30 days.  Tell me you don’t giggle when you lose weight and your pants fit better.  I’ll call you a liar if you do.

Thank goodness for these sweet girls – they seem to always know when I need a little extra lovin’.

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