The conclusion of a celebration

Whole30 Update

I’ve lost 8 pounds in three weeks.  Just from starting to half-way do Whole30.  While this journey isn’t entirely about losing weight, I think the scale is justifying my hunch that my body was struggling with the foods I was eating before.  I feel more energetic than I have in weeks, I am eating much fuller meals than I would have on previous diets, and I’m not obsessively worrying about what I’m eating because I know that the foods I’m allowed are good.  I’m not counting calories in an attempt to justify a dessert or a beer.  I’m eating based on what makes me feel good.  Good food makes me feel good.  Isn’t that amazing?!  With that being said, my weekend was anything but Whole30, and I made peace with that before it even started.  There was celebrating to do.  


My bounty for the week! Not pictured is the meat – it tends to do better when cold.

Tomorrow is the official start of my 30 day experiment with being completely Whole30 compliant.  (Whole30 lives off of the word “compliant” – it is in their books a minimum of 234,274 times.)  The meals that I am tackling this week are:

  1. A sweet potato chili in the slow cooker – going to whip it up this evening and let it cook overnight.  Hoping to get about five meals out of this and leftovers to freeze for quick meals in the future.
  2. Pan fried walnut crusted chicken with roasted eggplant and sauteed squash/zucchini.  This should make about four meals.
  3. My breakfast plan is to have a fried egg (I love a runny yolk and discovered that I don’t enjoy scrambled eggs unless they are smothered in cheese), avocado, some prosciutto and sauteed green beans and potatoes.  It sounds weird but I am a sucker for green beans with a busted egg over top.  
  4. I’m also keeping some salad fixings in the fridge to pair with my chili and as an emergency option in case the meal prep produces less than I think.
  5. I’m also cravings some peaches so I’ll toss in a few of those throughout the week.
  6. Lacroix water is my best good friend while I’m avoiding alcohol for the month.


The sweet potato chili is set to cook throughout the night – should make for a tasty lunch this week!

I’ve got my plan in place – now it is time to get started.  Hillary has agreed to go down the rabbit hole with me.  She is the queen of meal prep so I’m hopeful I can steal a few pages from her book.  

On top of completely shaking up my diet – because what sane woman actually likes to focus on one thing at a time?? – I’ve also (finally) found some free yoga videos that aren’t just people sitting on the floor doing breathing exercises.  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  Medication is all great and good, but I’m not there yet.  My mind is too chatty to sit in the quiet.  The movement of my body in yoga gives my mind something to focus on and the distraction is delightful.  Lesley Fightmaster (yep, that is her real last name) has a YouTube channel and she uploads new videos on a weekly basis.  She did a 30 day challenge at the beginning of this year where she encouraged her viewers to do yoga everyday for 30 days.  Since I’m on a 30 day kick, I figured I would add this challenge to the books.  Besides, I’m out of luck in the yoga studio department when it comes to Smithfield.  The closest studio is 30 minutes away and that isn’t practical for my life right now.  Truthfully, there is likely not a time when I can justify spending an hour in the car for a yoga class when I already spend two hours a day in the car for my work commute.  If I spend any more time in the car, I’m going to convert the back seat into a sleeping area and just start living in it.  So, until something better comes along, there is yoga on the internet and there is a mat in my living room.

 Weekend Shenanigans

The time of wedding celebrations has finally concluded.  We opted to have a very small and intimate wedding ceremony.  We recognize that this may have been disappointing for some of our friends and family so we have spent the past two months in a state of constant celebration.  We have been to both South Carolina and Georgia to celebrate with our families and wrapped everything up this weekend with a backyard bash for our friends.  Despite the weather being particularly wet and nasty the entire day, we managed to collect our favorite people into one spot for a few wonderful hours.  Per usual, I took very few pictures but my polaroid camera (seriously, Bradley – one of the best gifts you’ve ever given me) made a few rounds while we were playing Taboo.  All of the stress and planning was well worth it.  And I learned that it is always reasonable to rent a tent.  Without the tent, I have no idea how we would have accommodated everyone.

Just a few of my favorite things.

Huge shout out to Joshua Shook and Jonathan Jackson  (“JJ”) for helping us with the food.  They gave up their Saturday to sit in the rain and cook delicious meat for us.  I received so many compliments from our guests on how amazing the food was.  It was such a huge help to Bradley and I – we are truly grateful for your time and skill.  Let us know the next time you need a favor – we owe you!!  Shook and JJ also participate in competitive bbq events under the name “Buttman and Rubbin’.”  They will be cooking away at a competition in Smithfield this weekend.  If Bradley and I have the energy, we will definitely check out what they are cooking!!  

IMG_3751.JPGThis is a terrible picture but it is the only one I snapped of Buttman and Rubbin’ in action.  Ask anyone who came to the party – they cook a mean meat.

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