Five days, folks.

Here we are.  Just a few more days until the wedding (finally!) happens.  It is odd to talk about something for months only to realize that you actually get to do it.  The wedding has seemed almost theoretical at times rather than practical.  But all of the talk will soon be hushed, because I am strutting down the aisle this weekend and upgrading my status to “wife.”

So…what’s left to do? 

  1.  We still don’t have a wedding band for Bradley.  Crossing our fingers that it arrives today.  Otherwise, we may be swinging by the Food Lion gumball machines on the way to the church.
  2. Bradley is picking up his suit on Wednesday.  I am oddly excited about the suit.  When we picked it out, I was giddy at how handsome he looks in a good suit.  It took me back to the first time I saw him in suspenders and a bow tie.  The man shines up nice, y’all.
  3. I got my dress on Friday and it fits like a glove.  I can’t wait to show it off.  The only thing left to do is sew in a sweet label that Bonnie gifted me this week.  The small label says “I’ve got your back.”  It is meant to be sewn into the dress as a reminder that she is with me on my wedding day.  (Are you crying yet, because I cried big ole tears when I got it.)  I think I’ll use blue thread to sew it in to knock out some traditions in the process.

    My wedding week package from Bonnie – the label is on the right!
  4. I need a pedicure.  All of the barefooted walks through the yard have caught up with me and the piggies could use some love.  So could my fingernails.  Hell, so could I.
  5. We still have some pressure washing left to do.  (Yep, I’m including home chores on this list.)  The second story of the house and the driveway are all that is left.  We finally switched out the two remaining sets of shutters to the new ones.  Sadly, our neighbors will have less to judge us on now.  I’m sure we will give them new material before too long.  Bradley also mulched the front flower bed and it looks much more polished now.  Got to make sure everything looks nice for all of the family traveling north on Friday.
  6. As mentioned in previous posts, I will have to frantically clean our home in preparation of company.  That will have to wait until Thursday.  With the warmer weather, Reese has been shedding enough to give any vacuum a challenge.  No reason to clean today when the tumble weeds will be there tomorrow.
  7. I am on a mission to have all of the invitations for our summer party addressed and stamped before the wedding.  The invitations are to celebrate “Britney and Bradley Lowe” so I can’t send them out before Saturday.  But I can certainly drop them in the mailbox on Sunday and mark that off the list.
  8. I need to call the restaurant we are going to after the ceremony and pick out a few appetizers to have waiting on the table for us.  I am going to be hungry.  The thought of food ready and waiting makes me very happy.  And since the photographer isn’t coming to the restaurant, I can dive on in and not worry about it being captured on film.

That is really it.  I guess that is the perk of a small wedding!  It is hard to imagine a time when we won’t be constantly talking about or thinking about this day.  You spend months talking about it until it feels like something that is unreal.  I joke that I am ready for it to get here so it can be over.  But I have narrowed down the feelings a little more.  I am excited for the next few days to be over.  Once Saturday gets here, the details are all irrelevant.  If the flowers don’t come, who cares.  If it rains, oh well.  If hair and makeup are late, so what.  There won’t be anything left I can do about it.  The only real thing I have to do on Saturday is marry Bradley Lowe.  How can I possibly be upset or worried when I have that perspective??  I’ve been looking forward to marrying this man for more than just a few months.  Part of me knew he was going to change my life when he first showed up at my doorstep with flowers in hand.  And when he unapologetically left our first date with boots in hand for a barefooted drive home, I knew my heart was in for a ride.  And I nearly proposed to him after our second date when he proved he could cook.  (Those that know me, understand my aversion to the kitchen.)  No matter what happens on Saturday, we will be just as married.  Our love will be just as great.  And our future will be just as bright.  So, I’m ready for the next five days to hurry on up so I can be swept up in the moment of our wedding.  (And so I can eat good food.)

Taking a brief break this weekend from house chores and frantic cleaning to enjoy the view.

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