Outdoor Shenanigans

Last spring and summer were spent in a flurry of home renovations.  We painted every room in our house, de-popcorned (yep – just made that a verb) two ceilings, built and installed living room shelves, built a dining room table and reupholstered the chairs, built a buffet for the kitchen, and decorated most of the rooms.  (In true southern fashion, our bedroom is the room with the least amount of work done to it.  I would not be a proper southern woman if I weren’t uncomfortable for the sake of my guests.)  While we still have some decorating issues to tackle in the house, the inside looks much improved and feels much homier.

The outside of the house is the new focus.  We are gluttons for punishment so we like to load up our list, work at a frenzied pace, and then do nothing for a few weeks out of pure exhaustion.  Let the list begin!

Did you know there is a certain way to paint a door?!?!  Google contains amazing information.

  • I have always wanted a red front door.  Maybe that is the Lutheran in my blood.  Maybe I spent too much time flipping thru the pages of Southern Homes and Gardens.  Either way, I am going to get a red door.  Our current front door looks like it has been to battle, the locks don’t fit properly, and it is burgundy.  It also doesn’t have a window, and we have both agreed that we would like a little more natural light in the front hallway.  So we set out to Lowe’s, bought a precious new door, hit up Sherwin Williams during one of their sales, and should be good to start painting this weekend.  I will be tackling this project solo since Bradley is busy in the shop.  Also, this is my love child so I want all of the credit when this doors turns out awesome.  It is almost done, as evident in the pictures.  I have some trim work around the window to finish but then it should be ready to put up!

DID YOU KNOW:  red doors were symbol of a welcoming home in early America, was thought to be indicative of the underground railroad during the civil war, and is considered by the Chinese to be a color that encourages positive chi into the home!! 

  • Because the front door and all of the shutters were the same bland shade of burgundy, we also had to purchase new shutters.  To all of my fellow DIYers shouting “You can repaint them!”:  you can repaint them your darn self.  I’ve already repainted the entire interior of our house, and I am about to paint a front door.  I’m not painting another thing in the near future.  We purchased some black shutters from Lowe’s and Bradley set to work putting them up.  He successfully completed 5 of the 7 sets only to realize that our ladder wasn’t tall enough to reach the two sets on the side of the house.  So… almost all of the shutters are black now.  And almost all of the neighbors are sure to talk about it.  We will conquer the other two windows once we figure out how.  It’s that simple.


That man of mine works awful hard, y’all.

  • Yard work galore.  Our backyard is a sprained ankle waiting to happen with uneven terrain and, what I can only describe as, “potholes.”  We also have several cluster of trees that seem to do nothing but leave tree debris all over the yard every time we have a hurricane or strong storm.  We are having most of the trees in the front yard cut down to open up our front yard (it already looks much bigger!) and are having a cluster of trees cut down in the backyard by the house so we don’t lose sleep every time a strong gust of wind comes by (which is frequent when you live coastal).  Once the trees are done, the contractors will begin the labor of grading the yard.  My parents are coming to town for the Easter weekend, and my mother has already agreed to help me plant the flower bed by the porch.  I imagine the yard will look terrible for quite a bit.  But eventually it will be wonderful and grassy and level.  Three things I never knew I cared about until becoming a homeowner.

Yard work is no joke.

Amidst the list of new priorities, we are trying to be more aware of not becoming slaves to our home.  We took time this past weekend to throw a surprise Easter Egg Hunt for Reed.  It was nice to drink cheap beer, enjoy the outdoors, tickle baby bellies, and remember how fun it is to be an innocent child who still believes in magic.  Brett and Erin probably think we spoil Reed.  Maybe we do.  But they can’t possibly know how much it means to have their family in our life.  We don’t have family down the road, nor do we have nieces, nephews, or cousins to shower with love.  But we have them and their two precious children.  Spending time with them helps us fill the void left by far distances between families.  

Throwing a surprise Easter Egg Hunt for our favorite three-year-old.  The first picture shows Brett and Uncle Brad helping Reed explore his treasure.  The second picture is of Reed in action.


I had my hair trial on Wednesday, a dress fitting on Friday, and my makeup trial on Sunday.  The good news:  things are coming together.  The bad news:  I cannot gain or lose a single pound until May 21, 2017. Just 40 days until I say “I do.”  People keep asking me if I’m excited.  Of course I am.  If we are being really honest, I’ve been excited about marrying Bradley Lowe for much longer than I’ve had this ring.

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