Bridal Shower!

Shortly after getting engaged, people start to bombard you with detailed questions about events you haven’t planned yet.  Are you having an engagement party?  What will the theme of your bridal shower be?  Where are you going for a bachelorette party?  What day are you getting married?  (Seriously.  I think I got asked each of these questions within four days of being engaged.)  Once I committed to a low fuss wedding, most of those answers were simple.  We wouldn’t have an engagement party.  I partially stole the idea of where to have my bachelorette party from one of Bonnie’s discarded choices.  I randomly chose a day in May, because I figured it wouldn’t be too hot or too cold.  As for the bridal shower, I was opposed.  I couldn’t really see the purpose of it.  It is just one more party to throw, one more thing to stress about, and the bride typically gets nothing but kitchenware.  I don’t like to cook so kitchenware is not high on my wish list.  I didn’t see the need for it.

This is where Carrie comes in.  Carrie is the Martha Stewart of our group.  She exudes domesticity and has a flare for making things look catologue perfect.  She planned Bonnie’s bridal shower (she rocked it) and was already jonesing to plan a shower for me when news of the engagement broke.  She would not hear of me forgoing this tradition but took sympathy on my lack of culinary enthusiasm.  She decided upon hosting me a Lingerie Party and there was little I could do to talk her out of it.   However – and please know that I will not say this often – I do not always know best.

A few images from Carrie’s home, the site of my bridal shower.  She did a wonderful job – I’m trying to convince her that she should consider a hobby job in party planning once she retires from being an awesome engineer.

My bridal shower was last weekend, and Carrie did an amazing job.  She managed to incorporate items that are important to her, family heirlooms, while also keeping in mind that I wanted something simple and southern.  I wasn’t interested in something too lavish, and I wanted a small guest list.  With just my closest gal pals, I was able to celebrate my upcoming nuptials with presents of lace and love.  I won’t go into too many details about the gifts since Bradley has yet to see them, but I do have some pictures that are worth sharing.  Stick around to the end – I included some bloopers!

Just a few images of me while opening my gifts.  The bottom right picture is one of my favorites – Bonnie found my birth certificate in her car after we went on a cruise in 2014.  That’s right – she has had my birth certificate for three years, and I had no idea. 

With only 65 days until the wedding, we have only a few things left to cater to.  I have hair and makeup trials in early April.  I have ordered my shoes and alterations are in the near future.  I’m still figuring out what to do for jewelry and hair accessories, but I don’t find those details incredibly pressing.  I am Nashville bound late next week with a motley crew of women eager for some bachelorette party fun.  I absolutely cannot wait.  Those pictures may or may not be shared.

blooper 1blooper 2blooper 3blooper 4

Getting a group of women to take a picture is much harder than it looks.  Enjoy the bloopers!!!  I look forward to each of these women enacting some type of mild revenge against me for posting these pictures.
Did you know:  the first day of spring is Monday, March 20!!!!  Cheers to warmer weather and lighter beers!!

group ic.JPG

We finally managed to pull off a beautiful group shot.  Thank you to everyone that came to my party!!  Pictured are:  (front row) Sarah, the bride-to-be, (back row) Carrie, Hillary, Katrina, Kate, Bonnie, and Betsy.  You’ll be learning more about these wonderful women in an upcoming post!!!

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