The unintentional break

It has been a solid two months since I last posted anything.  And, if I am being honest, my December post was done in a hurry and out of a feeling of obligation rather than real purpose.  My dad does a good job of subtly reminding me that I haven’t posted in a while.  It is actually encouraging to know that someone looks forward to reading it.  (He is a wonderful father – he would read my blog even if it was terrible.)  Time to get back at it.

I suppose a summary of life is due:

  • The new year started (as expected) and I finally found a yoga studio that I am excited about.  While the yoga is hot, I’ve gotten used to being a sweaty mess.  It has been a good excuse to get up early and start my day with a little self-love.
  • My old job ended and I started my new job.  I am happy to have closed the door on that chapter.  I wanted to enjoy that job more than I actually did.  Thankfully, I think this new job will be something that I can stick with, something that I can build a career out of.  I’m glad to feel as though my professional life is settling as much as my personal life.
  • I had a glorious two week gap between my two jobs.  I spent the first few days indulging in yoga classes IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY (quite a luxury for the working woman).  I also did some “spring cleaning” to declutter our home.  Most importantly however, I got to see some wonderful faces.  For the first time since they left Chapel Hill, I was able to visit with the Transue clan and officially kiss on the chubby cheeks of their newest addition.  It was nice to be surrounded by their chaos and to sneak French fries to the boys from the backseat.  After leaving their home, I spent a few days with Hillary and managed to lock myself out of her home only once.  I was also able to meet up with Nikki – a blast from my childhood past.  She has changed in this miraculous way – she is still the same girl I knew from middle school but has matured her personality to be more confident and self-assured.  I hope to see her more.  My trip finally ended with my favorite unsocial social worker, Betsy.  In true fashion, we drank too much the first night and spent our final day together quietly suffering on the couch while indulging in mediocre Netflix movies.  It was absolute perfection.

Friends and Wooden Robots – just a few reasons why NC feels like home.

  • I experienced my first fluffy snow!  We got several inches of pure powder in early January and it was incredibly exciting for this Carolina native.  Rather than the dangerous – and far less fun – ice of our southern neighbors, we were delighted to play in soft snowflakes.  Reece absolutely loved it.  Honey absolutely hated it, as she does most things.


The morning we woke up to snow – I was originally the only one excited.

  • Bradley made this amazing arbor for my mother for her Christmas gift.  She has an unruly rose bush that is taking over the walkway to the back door.  He constructed something that looks beautiful and will save our limbs from the overreaching thorns.  My mom was excited.  My dad helped Bradly put it up.  And my heart was full to see how my family has grown by an extra Lowe.
  • Bradley and I have been working on the wedding bit by bit.  We recently met with our preacher for a required pre-marital counseling session.  Prior to meeting with him, Bradly and I both had to complete a questionnaire.  The preacher assembled the results and discussed them with us.  Long story short – we are a match made in heaven.  The preacher actually (mildly) accused us of cheating because the results were so positive.  It was nice to have the reassurance and to know that our preacher supports our union.  Just 70-ish days left!
  • Our friends, Brett and Erin, welcomed their baby girl into the world at the end of January.  Bradley and I have loved vicariously parenting through them via their son, Reed.  We expect that our joy will only be doubled with the addition of sweet Claire.  I have to resist the urge to buy every precious, tiny dress I come into contact with.  It also thrills my heart to know that some of my closest friends are in the process of growing their families.  I anticipate so much baby love in my near future.


I cannot wait to take silly pictures with Miss Claire!!!

  • Carrie and Jon, came to visit!  They spent the weekend with us as we celebrated the January birthdays of Jon and Bradley.  We ate German food, looked at military planes, and munched on wonderful steak.  They have now made the trek to Virginia twice.  They can’t possibly know how wonderful it is, especially for me, when Carolina comes to visit.

Jon and Bradley

Thank you to Carrie for making sure the men had a homemade cake for their birthdays – we all know it would have been store bought if left to me.

  • We continue to work on smaller projects for the house but have assumed a slower pace in 2017.  The need to perfect the physical structure seems less important as we continue to build up the emotional framework of a home.  The scalloped sinks (yes…they are scalloped…thank you early 90’s décor) can wait another month or two.  They aren’t going anywhere.  But taking the dogs to the park or enjoying a meal at our favorite dive bar are things that can change too quickly.

    My sweet family.  (I swear I’m not reposting the same Jenga picture over and over again – we just play the game every chance we get.  And we always drink whiskey when we do.)  

After glancing at what I’ve written, I am shocked at how much can happen in just two months.  Previous posts have mentioned the fast pace of life and this theoretical goal of achieving some “down time.”  I’m not sure that is what I actually want.  The words above are filled with such love and gratitude.  I have friends that have only become more important to me as I have moved away.  I have a family that seems to get closer even as our lives become busier.  I have a partner that keeps me grounded but is always up for a road trip.  I have, I have, I have.  It seems as though there is truly little to want given everything that I already possess.


I failed to do an obligatory blog post about New Years resolutions.  I rarely make resolutions, truthfully.  They have never seemed that appealing to me.  This year, however, I did come up with two:

  1. Send one surcee gift a month.  I discovered the tradition of a surcee gift while ready a Garden and Guns article and fell in love with the idea.  I have successfully given a surcee in January and February – one was a copy of a book that I love with a handwritten note inside, the other was beach gear for someone that has spent so much time helping Bradley and I with wedding planning that she deserves a long vacation.  I am still settling on my recipient and gift for March.  I’ve enjoyed taking the time to pick a person and then select a gift that I think they will genuinely enjoy.
  2. Write more letters, especially thank you cards and birthday cards.  I am determined to bring back the practice of a hand written note.  I have received a few notes in return, and I proudly display them in our kitchen.  I’m starting small but I hope to one day write one letter a week.  Not just a small note but an actual letter on stationary where I share bits and pieces of my life with someone that I care about.  There is something so timeless about pen and paper, even in an age of digital mayhem.
  3. I will write a blog post at least every…meh. Who am I kidding?  This is a labor of love that knows no rules.   I will try with minimal effort to not have two month gaps between future posts.  With minimal effort, however, anything can happen.


True to my recent lifestyle, I’m on my way down South this morning.  Carrie has spent countless hours planning my bridal shower and now it is time to reap the benefits.  There will be pictures and I will post them (it just may take a few weeks…) – Carrie is a true, domestic genius.  I have no doubt that she will blow my mind and host a party that is exactly what I asked for:  simple and southern.

chapel hill love


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