Merry Christmas!

This will be a short post, despite my naturally long-winded nature.

Having a blog is hard work!  I have severely underestimated the amount of time and thought goes into each post.  I’m hoping to put a small desk in our bedroom once we finish working/decorating it.  (FYI:  I have no clue when we will actually get around to that.)   Perhaps that small desk will serve as a physical reminder that I truly do love writing.  Therefore, I should make more time for it.  As 2016 concludes, what better time to make a resolution to be more aware of those things that bring me joy.

In other news, Merry Christmas!  The hectic holidays would not be complete without annoying travel plans.  My flight to Georgia leaves at 6 am.  Yep.  I said 6 am.  The knowledgeable flyer knows to give yourself a two hour window for long lines and the delays produced by human stupidity.  So I’ll wake up at 3:00 am, leave the house at 3:30 am, and arrive at the quaint airport of Newport News at 4:00 am.  I’m sure my mood will be delightful when the plane touches down in Atlanta at 8:00 am.  I anticipate a cuddly nap with Honey sometime on Christmas Eve.  Despite the obnoxious travel times, I am grateful to wake up with Bradley this Christmas morning.  This will be the first time we spend Christmas Day together.  Even though it will be 77 degrees in Reynolds on Christmas (because I will never be able to wear a sweater in Georgia – it is my curse in life to always be sweaty in the great state of GA), there is no else I would rather be than with Bradley.

I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday season.  No matter what you believe or what you celebrate, I wish you nothing but love and peace as we find another year drawing to an end.  The world can always use a little more love.

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