Guess I won’t quit my day job…

Spoiler alert:  I’m a lazy blogger.  Every single “How To Write a Blog” I came across on Google suggested that you have ten posts ready before you go live.  This recommendation isn’t just a subtle hint to be organized and prepared.  It is a warning that you will be full of inspiration for about a month before you go brain dead.  I’ve been brain dead for the past few weeks but don’t pull the plug just yet.  I’ve found my second wind.  (And am open to the idea that I may need multiple “winds” before it is all said and done.)

House Update:

  1. We only have one room left to paint!!! The half-bath is primed and waiting for a little paneling before it is done.  By now, I am a painting professional so the project should take about a weekend.  I feel no immediate rush to complete it but would like for it to be done before July 30th.  We all need goals.
  2. One guest room is almost done! I am waiting on an adorable knitting print to come in before I put a few pictures on the wall.  Once those go up, I am closing the door to that guest room and not opening it until an actual guest arrives.  I will post pictures once the room is 100% done.  It will be cute, and I am darn impressed at how far Target accessories will go.  Hillary Hollowood – I think you will love this room when you come to visit!
  3. The second guest room needs a little more love, but I ‘m also attaching a July 30th goal to it. I have the stuff to put on the walls but am in the market for a good chair or bench seat.  Crossing my fingers that I stumble across something adorable and affordable.  Decorating ain’t cheap.

Work Update:

Here is the honest truth – I didn’t have a clue what I was signing up for when I left my shiny job in Pittsboro.  I was surrounded by farms, goats, and Galloway cows.  My residents were upper-class, highly educated, and white (to be blunt).  I am now surrounded by pawn shops and stores offering “quick loans.”  Some of my participants don’t have the education to read, let alone the mental savvy to complete complicated Medicaid applications.  But what they lack in formal education, they make up for in street smarts and faith.  I have a participant that struggles with heroin abuse and a complete lack of filter (he can tell you a story that makes you blush without batting an eye) but can tell you how to navigate across town using the public bus system.  Another woman lost her eyesight but found a way to continue to make hats for children at the local hospital.  There is a man with a soothing baritone voice that goes to the memory care unit and sings gospel music every Friday.  You don’t have to believe the message of the song to believe that he is bringing peace to their confusing world.  I have also met a woman that has little money to her name but saw a pig mug at the thrift store and thought of me (my office has a few pig knickknacks to show support for the pork industry that pays our mortgage). She bought me that mug for $0.27.  That’s more money than most of us respect.  They are a motley crew, but they are starting to feel like mine.  They make me laugh.  They make me work.  They are sure to change me.  I’m only two months into this journey, but I’ve got a good feeling.

Life Update:

  1. I joined the Junior League! Actually, I filled out an application and should know if I’m formally accepted sometime in the fall.  I need a gaggle of gals in Virginia.  They can’t possibly replace my Chapel Hill crew, but they might help fill the estrogen gap in my heart.  Bradley is many things, but even he has limits.
  2. I got a camera! I have no idea how to use it. Prepare yourselves for amateur photography with poor lighting.
  3. I started running again. This was fueled by many things.  1) I need a hobby that can be done close to home but not at home.  2) The big dog could use the exercise.  3) Charlotte Maxwell reminded me that going outside is important.  4) Most importantly, I went to the doctor for a physical and realized that the number on the scale had gone up.  Normally, I wouldn’t sweat this.  Weight is a silly thing that we obsess about.  Except when you are in your best friends wedding.  In October.  And you purchased the dress about 13 pounds ago.  I respect Bonnie too much to look like a busted can of biscuits in her wedding pictures.  Time to get moving!
  4. I might pick up embroidery. Too soon to tell.  I purchased an embroidery kit that looks like something you buy for a 12 year old.  So far, so good.  It’s fairly relaxing and the occasional stick of the finger keeps your adrenaline going.  Christmas may be a tad more crafty this year.  I’m also working up the courage to start the Bobble Sheep pillow.  Part of me is intimated by the “bobble” and the other part hates to unravel a beautiful, soft roll of yarn.  If you don’t knit, it sounds crazy.  If you do knit, you understand how wonderful a neat ball of yarn is.  Once you start your project, you hope to turn that ball into something amazing.  But the road to amazing is wrought with mistakes, un-knitting, knots that come out of nowhere, and so many curse words.  I’ll save my four letter words for my embroidery for now.
  5. I’m still working on interviewing a few shops around town for the blog. With the new camera in hand, I will at least look like I know what I am doing.

That’s enough for now.  Don’t want to use all of my wind in one sitting.

2 thoughts on “Guess I won’t quit my day job…

  1. Britney, I will not give up on you. I have been blogging for about 5 years now. I have over 450 posts under my belt but there were lean times over those years. I love your enthusiasm for life and I will come visit whenever you post.

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