Time to switch it up

A girl can only write about painting for so long.  Even as the painting continues, my blogs about painting cannot.  I AM SO MUCH MORE THAN PAINTING!

Cherie had a great idea that seeks to expand two things:  the content of this blog and the content of my social life.  She encouraged me to blog about other things and recommended that I choose Smithfield as a topic.  After our recent boutique-ing adventures, I realized that downtown Smithfield has tons of local stores that are unique to this area.   I went out a limb and reached out to one of the stores to see if they would be interested in having a no-name blogger write an article about them.  Shockingly, they said yes!  I have no idea what I’ll write about or what I’ll ask, but that seems to be part of the fun.  It will be a way for me to meet new people, learn more about my community, and promote local businesses.  More importantly, it gets me out of the house!!

I’ve also decided it might be a good idea to reach out to friends to do guest blogs!  Since my blog has little focus or theme, the guest blogs can be about anything.  I may be reaching out to some of you and inviting you to write a piece for the blog.  You are always welcome to turn down the offer.  Please know, however, that I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t value your opinion and insight.  Furthermore, I am constantly amazed by different skills and talents of the people in my life.  I have been fortunate to meet master knitters, amazing mothers, chefs that are on the brink of stardom, feminists that are changing the world, photographers and videographers that are being mentioned on reputable websites and being invited to film festivals, scientists and scholars, social workers, and artists.  The areas of my life where I may fall short are consumed with those that excel in that exact field.  If you get a message from me, it is because I admire you and think what you have to say is valuable.  Besides, keeping a blog interesting is much more difficult than edging a straight line on the bedroom trim.

In other exciting news, I finally bought a camera.  My former high-school roommate, Julianna Thomas (who, by the way, created this extraordinary video that has hit the internet by storm and just got selected to show at the Marfa Film Festival in Texas – check out “Black and White In Color” here), gave me a stellar recommendation on a solid camera for someone that knows little about photography but still wants a decent photo.  I may have accidently selected the wrong shipping selection so it might not come in until June 23.  Crossing my fingers the UPS gods smile down on me with favor.


A screenshot from Julianna Thomas’ short titled “Black and White In Color.”  

In conclusion, one final thought.  I have recently rediscovered the southern art of writing a letter.  We forget how enjoyable it is to receive something in the mail.  Adulthood teaches us to fear mail because it typically represents bills and responsibilities.  Getting a card from a friend, a handwritten card, is such a treasure.  We’ve abandoned the art for texting and social media.  I have loved sacrificing my digital time for a seat at the table with a pen and blank card.  It’s such a simple act of kindness, an easy way to let others know you are thinking of them and grateful for them.  I hope to make it a habit and bring back this piece of tradition.  Who knows?  Maybe some of you will be getting a stamped envelope from Smithfield, Virginia in the near future.

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