The time the Wiggins came to Virginia

My parents got to Virginia on Saturday at around 2:00 pm.  They ended up beating Bradley and I to the house – we had some furniture warehouse adventures to tend to in Virginia Beach – which gave them both a chance to wander around the house a bit.  My dad already found a problem with the AC unit (it’s not level – apparently that is a bad thing), but there was no mention of poor painting technique or all of the paint on the ceiling that hasn’t been touched up yet.  They read the blog.  They know better.

We spent the rest of the afternoon grabbing some ice cream from the Smithfield Ice Cream Parlor, walking up and down Main StreetMain Street, and enjoying the culinary skills of Bradley as he grilled steaks for dinner.  The rest of the evening was spent in casual conversation before we all retired to bed.

A few pictures from St. Luke’s church.  I have always loved Southern cemeteries and churches.  Even thought the church originally began as a church of England, it still has the aged trees and crumbling stone that makes the Southern humidity secondary to the historical beauty of the lives before us.  

Sunday was a series of tributes to the old and historical.  Smithfield is home to the Isle of Wight County Museum.  We got to see the world’s oldest (edible??) ham, the world’s oldest peanut, a replica of a fallout bunker, and Native American artifacts.  All in one building!!  We then drove to the other side of the town to visit St. Luke’s Church, the oldest church in Virginia.  The original structure dates back to the 1600s and is surrounded by beautiful tombstones and a small neighboring stream.  When the tour concluded, we loaded into the truck, crossed the James River via ferry, and strolled around Colonial Williamsburg with rain coats and umbrellas in hand.  A seafood dinner and an ice cream treat (ice cream makes a frequent appearance in my daily life – and boiled peanuts) made for a great conclusion to another day in Virginia.


The Governor’s mansion at Colonial Williamsburg.  I highly recommend checking this place out if you ever get the chance. 

My parents left before lunch today, and Bradley and I immediately set to work on the house.  This lasted for a few hours but didn’t have the momentum to last the entire day.  The constant rain (we are awaiting Noah’s invitation any day now) and busy weekend made a Netflix marathon inevitable.

The down time also gave me time to reflect on having my parents in town.  Life was a blur the few days before they got here.  I was intent on decorating, cleaning, and trying to create some type of itinerary to keep everyone entertained.  Once my mom and dad arrived, however, everything seemed to slow down.  The frantic attitude I’ve had about the house evaporated.  I had a chance to show off our hard work, get some tips and suggestions from my parents, and shared all of our upcoming plans for the remaining objects on our to-do list.  They updated me on all of the renovations they are doing their house, and we all complained about the many trips we have made and will make to Lowe’s.  It was nice to see them and to talk with them.  It always is.


The stained glass windows of St. Luke’s Church.  They depict some of the Bible’s most notable characters, including the Saints Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

Bradley is out of town for the rest of the week so there is more solo painting in my future.  I’ve already given myself a list of other tasks to work on outside of painting to help keep me sane.  I’ve also made myself a solemn vow to eat proper dinners (thank you Blue Apron!) and to maintain a solid sleep schedule.  Not sure Bradley or my blog can handle another meltdown.  Nonetheless, the painting is nearing completion, and I can’t wait to decorate more of the house.  I’m not always great at taking pictures but there will be oodles of pictures of pretty rooms when this is all said and done.

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