The light in the tunnel

Thursday night was rough.  My previous blog post serves as proof of that.  Friday morning only added to the drama when I found myself locked out of both my house and my car.  Thankfully, we have friends who were kind enough to drive me across the river.  Not sure what I would have done without them.  That’s not true – I know exactly what I would have done.  I would have called a locksmith and forked over serious cash.

Bradley returned from his work trip and picked me up from work on Friday afternoon.  As cheesy as it may sound, things instantly seemed better when he showed up.  A few hours before he arrived, I received the beautiful flowers he ordered for me.  (Only to later have the receptionist ask me if the man that dropped me off at work was Bradley.  Nope, that would be our friend and husband to our other friend.  This is exactly how office rumors start.)  Having my partner back made a world of difference.  The laundry list of work to do for the house was no shorter.  The trip to Lowe’s was no less expensive. But the company was just what I needed to make it all seem more worthwhile.

The tasks for this weekend included – wait for it – painting.  We finished up one of the guest rooms, finished the guest bathroom (with the exclusion of accessories), and just have to finish the trim in our bathroom.  Bradley finished the trim in the hallways and the bonus room.  The other guest room received a coat of prime.  We picked out a color for the master bedroom.  It was quite the productive weekend.


The guest bathroom was a delightful shade of “sea foam” green.  This is a picture before we painted it.  Completed pictures to come this week!

True to his word, we stopped painting at 4:00 on Sunday and headed off to the movies.  I will work until I’m exhausted and bitter.  Last week is proof of that.  I’m not sure it is dedication so much as it is bullheaded stubbornness.  (I have a redheaded mother – I get it honest.) We splurged on the fancy movie theater with reclining leather seats, shared a popcorn and beer, and had a few cheap laughs.  We concluded the night with a home cooked dinner, courtesy of Blue Apron, before settling in for the night.  We slept like champions that night.

Now, for the exciting part.  All of the renovations have only been theoretically worth it until this point.  We keep putting time and energy into the house.  Things start to look better but never quite finished.  One room gets painted only to have us start on another.  There seems to be a million places to start without anything ever concluding.  Until today!


The guest rooms originally greeted you with 90s-themed color tones, incomplete trim, and enough holes in the walls to make me wonder if the previous owners had anger issues.  Not a welcoming sight.

As previously mentioned, my parents are coming up for Memorial Day weekend.  I’ve been working so hard to put the guest room together so that they can be comfortable.  And proud.  No matter how old we are, children will always seek the praise of their parents.  A trip to Ollie’s and Target was just the trick to bring the guest bedroom to (somewhat) completion.  We still need to put a few things on the wall and possibly toy with curtains, but it looks a heck of a lot better than when this journey started.  My heart great ten times bigger looking at what our work had gotten it us.  It finally paid off.  It also gave us an extra wind in our sails to keep moving forward.  The work isn’t done yet, but it is finally starting to bear some fruit.


finishedWe updated the color on the walls to a neutral grey and finished off the trim with a fresh coat of white paint.  I did blues on the main accessories with a splash of yellow on the pillows.  I have a few things to hang on the wall and I’m waiting on a family hope chest before the room is completed.  But this guest room has come a long way, baby.

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