All the paint is mine

I’ve been painting since Saturday.  There is certainly less beige in this house.  I have traded the beige for paint fumes, plastic on the floors, and painter’s tape.  But room by room, the house is coming together.  Once the paint dries and the trim is finished, we can start moving furniture and decorating the walls.  I keep reminding myself of that every time I scrape my elbow against a freshly painted wall.

Some lessons I have learned:

  1. Forearm muscles are important. Especially when painting.  Don’t neglect them at the gym.
  2. Don’t buy the cheapest brush and roller at the store. I had to buy some more rollers and wanted to see if the price made a difference.  Darn right it did.  The cheaper roller kept shedding on the wall.  The nicer rollers are smooth and haven’t left a mark.  I have enough shedding going on in this house with the dogs.  I don’t need one more thing adding to the mess.
  3. You think you are pro enough to skip putting plastic on the floors. You aren’t.
  4. Open the windows before you start, especially when you are priming the walls.
  5. Primer is insanely difficult to get off of your skin.  I’ve tried warm water and soap, acetone, and even applied olive oil to my skin as one Google expert suggested.  Want to know what really works?  Rubbing your skin until it is raw and about to fall off.
  6. If the walls are wet, the dogs will come.
  7. Take advantage of the silly moments when you are knee deep in paint and work. Last night, Bradley got home late from a fishing trip on the coast.  I had worked until 5, painted the entire stairwell and upstairs hallway, and managed to clog the garbage disposal.  It was almost ten o’clock, and I still hadn’t eaten dinner.  When Bradley walked through the door, I was sitting on the kitchen counter with a plunger sitting in the sink, bandana on my head (that usually means I’ve been working pretty hard), bowl of popcorn in my lap, and two dogs sitting below me.  Bradley chuckled when he walked in and later said I looked like the dogs had treed me and were holding me hostage.  He swept in, fixed the garbage disposal, and made time to compliment my painting jobs.  We ended up sitting on the floor and laughing about the little things.  We were both exhausted but grateful for a break from the hustle and bustle.  Those moments are absolutely necessary if you are going to survive the renovation process.

Hopefully, the painting will be done before too long.  I have 2.5 bathrooms, one guest room, and one master bedroom left.  The trim will need to be done and few closets could use a touch up.  Oh, and the living room.  And the kitchen.  And the dining room.  Sigh.  I thought I was almost done for a second.

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