Pals and Paint and Parents

With the living room and kitchen ceilings done, the next focus is on the walls.  The beige walls to be exact. The very very beige walls.  With me starting the new job this week and trying to nest, we didn’t get a chance to attempt on painting during the work week.  Bradley is out of town for the weekend so that left the painting up to me and my two (completely unhelpful) dogs.  But wait!  That’s not true!

This post is less about renovations and more about friendship.  Cherie, perhaps my newest pal, drove to Virginia this weekend to help me paint.  She was a fresh breath of North Carolina air.  Sure, we got plenty of painting done (the Battle of the Beige is a slow but sure victory).  Our hands and clothes are proof of that.  But it was much more than that for me.  I got to show a friend around town, and, for the first time since I moved here, Smithfield felt like it was mine.  I showed off the parts of town that I have started to become fond of.  I took Cherie to see the pig statues, we wondered around the cemetery behind Bradley’s work building, went to every boutique in town, and snagged a scope from the ice cream store.  (Cherie probably experienced more pork themed merchandise this weekend than ever before.) Birth of Ham

The birth of ham – a take on “The Birth Of Venus” – located at the Smithfield corporate offices.  Picture courtesy of Cherie and filter provided by Instagram.

I felt excited about exploring my new hometown with my old hometown friend.  Smithfield put on a great show and seemed more welcoming this weekend.  Maybe it was the sunshine (it’s has been cloudy and raining almost every day since I moved in) or maybe it was the company, but Smithfield finally felt like home.  Up until now, I’ve still had this odd feeling that I am visiting.  I’m not necessarily looking to leave, but it hasn’t really hit me that this is my new home.   That changed for me this weekend.

I also got to experience gratitude for precious friends.  Life is a roller coaster, and it always amazes me at how busy people can be.  Taking a weekend off from the chaos to help a friend with manual labor isn’t something that most people are able – or willing – to do.  Not only was Cherie my first pal to visit (not that it was a contest), but she brought her shining personality, delightful optimism, and Pandora stations with her.  She never complained about the bare bones guest room with mismatching sheets.  You can’t ask for more in a friend.  Did I mention that while she was here she offered up her home to Bradley so that he could complete a woodworking dream with Roy Underhill?  She even left some cold beers in the refrigerator from him.  A good friend will be there for you.  A great friend will extend that kindness to the people you love.  Cherie, you are a great friend.  I hope that three legged piggy brings you tons of good luck.

On top of all the feel-good moments, the painting has really made the house feel different.  It’s starting to feel like ours, and that is one heck of a feeling.


Before and after!  The real before picture would show that the beige also extended below the chair rail.  The beige was everywhere.  The first picture shows the white below the rail and the seconds picture shows the neutral gray we chose.  We went with “Passive Grey” to stand out from the white but still keep it light.

On a final note, my parents have decided to come visit Memorial Day weekend.  My initial reaction was: in 2017?  Surely you can’t mean the Memorial Day weekend that is in 11 days.  The southern woman in me wants my home to be absolutely perfect before I have company.  The daughter in me can’t wait to see my parents and show them our hard work.  The daughter part of me usually wins.  Besides, if we are still knee-deep in renovations by then, I will have two sets of extra hands to help.  No one is safe from my war on beige.  No one.

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