And then there were none.

As in, no more ceilings to scrape! I have successfully finished the living room and the kitchen.  More amazingly, I was able to do so within the time frame I set for myself.  My neck hurts, my shoulders ache, I have a raw spot on my hands from holding the scrapie-thingie, and I may have ruined a pair of tennis shoes.  But I am darn proud of myself.  This was a bigger project than I thought.  I had some serious patience and resilience this past week, and it has paid off.  Bradley started tackling the patching this evening.  Hopefully, we will finish the patching before lunch tomorrow and get started on the sanding.  That is going to be a beast of a project, too.  And the cleaning.  Sigh.  Oh, the cleaning.  I can’t imagine all the tiny crooks and crevices the sanding dust will find its way into.

In other news, I have been viciously assaulted.  My sinuses have been waging an all-out war against something.  The verdict is still out on what the culprit may be.  I have narrowed it down to a few suspects.

  1. I did move to a new state with new flora. I was from the “Land of the Pine” and now I’m in…well, Virginia.  Smithfield has a farmer’s market on Saturday mornings.  I’ve already strategically developed a plan to have Cherie check it out with me next weekend in the hopes of finding some local honey.
  2. We moved into a new house. Therefore, we are living in someone else’s dust for the time being.  Furthermore, we do not have carpet in the majority of the house.  The dog hair is everywhere and doesn’t have the carpet to prevent it from getting airborne.  Honey hair also seems to be quite different than Reece hair.  My body can certainly tell the difference.
  3. I’ve been mere inches away from the ceiling as tons of popcorn “stuff” falls into my face. While we are fairly sure that the ceiling does not contain asbestos given when it was built, that stuff also has a bit of an odor.  Who knows what I have been innocently inhaling the past three days?

I have also finished up orientation for the new job.  While orientation is anything but exciting – a girl can only talk about health insurance, 403 (b) vs 401 (k), and PTO for so long – I can say that I am eager to start this new job head on.  I feel incredibly lucky that I found a job working with the population I care most about.  I had prepared myself for a meaningless job as a hospital discharge planner, but other plans were in store for me.  This job is going to be challenging and the exact opposite of my last occupation.  But that is precisely what I am pumped about.

Bradley and I are hoping to tackle the rest of the ceiling project this weekend.  Crossing our fingers that this works out!

Spoiler alert:  we actually finished the ceilings today, but I haven’t had a chance to write about it.  I will tackle that update tomorrow, along with mopping up the dust off the floor, picking up sticks so that Bradley can mow the lawn, washing the cars, and continuing to nest.  Basically, the update may not come until Monday. 

Also, pictures are wonderful.  But reality dictates that sometimes I am elbow-deep in dust and ceiling paint.  Therefore, pictures are only practical if I have someone following me around all day with a camera.  And I don’t.  So sometimes there won’t be pictures.  Sorry.   

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