My first 24 hours as a homeowner

Being a renter has advantages that you don’t truly appreciate until you give up the luxury.  For example, I never changed a single light bulb when I lived in an apartment complex.  I had a strict rule:  if the light bulb was here when I moved in, I don’t change it.  Long gone are those days.

Grass – it grows quickly.  This is another thing you don’t notice when you are renting.  I have always lived in places that provide lawn care.  There were so many mornings that I bickered to myself about the leaf blower at 9 am.  Now I get it.  It takes time to maintain a yard, and it is better to start early before it gets hot.  I imagine I will be the cause of someone’s bickering in the very near future (as in this weekend).

Decorating is something you toy with as a renter.  Most young adults do short-term leases that are dictated by changing career goals, a gypsy soul, and whether you want/have a roommate in mind.  Since I was 16 years old, the longest I have lived anywhere was three years.  Therefore, I rarely decorated with fervor.  What is the point of painting walls and hanging pictures when you have to undo all of it in a year or so?  With a mortgage also comes the promise of settling long enough to make the effort worth it.  That also entails decisions.  So many decisions.  Ever been to a Sherwin Williams?  The first fifteen seconds are spent in giddy awe.  Every second after that is a mixture of frustration and an odd panic that you will pick the wrong color.  (Is there really such a thing as a wrong color?  Yes.  Yes.  Yes.  I know this because it is currently covering every inch of our guest rooms.)  Get a house with another human being, and suddenly those decisions also require compromises.

Weeds and squirrels.  Renters are rarely bothered by either.  They consume the nightmares of homeowners.

Houses also offer the potential of a home.  All of the work and maintenance has a payoff.  In return, you get security, a place of comfort that you designed, and an opportunity to share it with those you love.  If you are lucky, you also get a fenced in backyard so you don’t have to leash the dogs in the morning for potty time.

Enough of the sappy stuff, tomorrow I attend orientation for my new job.  I vaguely remember (or desperately hope) that this is a half-day affair.  Upon returning home my first task will be to un-popcorn the ceiling.  That post will have tons of pictures and hopefully not too many curse words.  No promises.

Oh, we are also the proud owners of his and hers crowbars.  This picture is either symbolic of a beautiful journey together or of potential murder weapons when the renovations prove to be too much.  Stay tuned to find out which…


4 thoughts on “My first 24 hours as a homeowner

  1. Charlotte Maxwell

    Chip and I have his and hers crow bars. Bought them when we bought our house. Love that you have some too. Can’t wait to see what you do next.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. wigginsbritney

      I love this! I will take it as a good sign (and not one of potential homicide) – you and Chip are wonderful examples for Bradley and me 😊


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