Cherie, a random roommate that turned into a true friend, shared her thoughts with me on what a first blog post should be.  Cherie embodies wisdom and grace; I will listen to her.

My name is Britney, and this is my blog.  The idea for this was born out of recent life changes.  While I am no stranger to changes, they have certainly presented in more frequency since the start of 2016.  The two major changes that occurred are as follows:

  1. Bradley decided it was time to terminate his final lease in pursuit of a mortgage. That decision started the journey of looking at millions (approximately) of houses, finding one that we liked, and then buying it.  House hunting taught us that finding a house you like and actually being able to buy it in a competitive seller’s market are two independent things.  The first may happen without any hope of the second.   When it all works out, it is one heck of a feeling.
  2. I started casually looking for job opportunities in Virginia without any expectation of finding something that was viable. The tentative plan was for me to move out to Virginia once my lease ended in August.  Life follows no plan, tentative or permanent.  I got offered a job with an agency that I was pumped about.  Furthermore, I got this offer just a few days after Bradley’s offer on the house got accepted.  I can take a hint.  I accepted the job and plans began for me to move in April rather than August.

And here we are.  With one more week in Chapel Hill, I am all set to move on Saturday, April 30, 2016.  I’m sure my remaining days will be spent aimlessly wandering Franklin Street, going to every favorite restaurant and beer spot, and saying “See you later” to people that are too amazing for words.  Am I nostalgic and a big sap?  You bet.  Will there be a few tears as I pull off of Franklin Street?  Definitely.  But that sadness is separate from the excitement of starting a new phase in life.  Watch out, Virginia.  I’m coming for you.

Future topics will consist of:  painting every square inch of a 90s beige house, attempting our hand at landscaping, my explorations of a foreign and unknown world – the kitchen, and other odds and ends.  We are open to suggestions – let us know what you are interested in hearing about!!  After all, this blog is really about the people we love and making sure they continue to feel included in our lives.


4 thoughts on “FIRST BLOG POST EVER!

  1. Ana

    Love love love that you’re blogging about your move and your new life in VA! I bet it’s crazy scary and nerve wracking, but it’ll be AWESOME. I’m gonna miss you rival!

    Liked by 1 person

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